Volunteer Opportunities

10. Join the Prospect Park Playground Committee and help improve the playgrounds.

9.  Help increase awareness of the neighborhood by joining Park Slope Neighbors.

8.  Post a summary of a question you asked on PSP to the the webmaster.

7.  Find out more about Atlantic Yards and it's impact on Park Slope.

6.  Buy your kid products from our neighborhood stores.

5.  Help the best little Park in Park Slope, JJ Byrne by becoming a Friend of JJ Byrne Park.

4.  Walk, run, or ride to the next meeting of Transportation Alternatives.

3.  Be civic minded and help with the Halloween Parade or Park Slope House Tour put on by the Park Slope Civic Council.

2.  Donate your gently used items to the one of our Local Charities.

and, of course, 

1.  Join Park Slope Parents and provide supportive advice and recommendations to your fellow parents.