Brooklyn Parents for Peace

Brooklyn Parents for Peace is a network of Brooklyn residents — parents, neighbors, and educators — alarmed by the growing militarism of our society and its effect on our lives and our children's future.

Brooklyn Parents for Peace

About Brooklyn Parents for Peace

Who Are We?
Brooklyn Parents for Peace is a network of Brooklyn residents — parents, neighbors, and educators — alarmed by the growing militarism of our society and its effect on our lives and our children's future.

We seek to inform ourselves and our community about issues of war and peace and to enable ourselves to respond effectively.

We hope to give our children a role model of active response to problems which easily lead to hopelessness, cynicism, and despair.

We organize community meetings and study groups, set up information tables, participate in phone and advertising campaigns, meet with elected officials and participate in demonstrations. We offer our neighbors solid analysis on international and domestic policies.

What Are Our Concerns?
Parents for Peace was founded in 1984. Our earliest initiatives included organizing local opposition to the Staten Island home port for nuclear-capable Cruise missiles and the U.S. intervention in Central America. We subsequently mobilized local opposition to the Gulf War and economic sanctions which penalize Iraqi children.

In the 1990s, we turned our attention to the deteriorating conditions for children in our city. We fought to preserve the entitlement status of welfare and Medicaid, and supported efforts to strengthen public education in New York City. Every child has a right to a home, to adequate food, to decent health care and to a quality education. We believe that there is money available to pay for these things. We need to address the inequities in the tax structure and a military budget that will exceed $1.3 trillion in the next five years.

After the terrible events of September 11, we reached out to affirm our sense of community and to oppose a military response to this tragedy. We have continued to organize for peace and social justice, specifically for compensation to civilian victims of US bombing in Afghanistan; ending of the Israeli occupation and a peaceful solution of the conflict, guaranteeing security of both Israelis and Palestinians; preservation of civil liberties in Brooklyn for all including immigrants; apprehension of terrorists through methods which respect international law; avoidance of a new war in Iraq.

How Can You Participate?
Our members have many obligations to family, friends, schools and jobs. We encourage people to participate to whatever extent they are able. You can attend an educational forum, join a working committee, write letters, make phone calls, or staff information tables.

Not all our members have their own children; we are united by our concern for future generations.

Since our work is primarily educational, we have incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation, governed by a Board of Directors. Membership on the BPFP Board is open to any member who has been active in the activities of BPFP, who supports our goals as stated above, and who is willing to share the responsibility for determining the priorities and developing the programs of the organization. We are seeking diverse membership on our Board, representing the diversity of communities in Brooklyn.

To become a member of the Board, an individual must be voted in by a majority of the current members of the Board. An individual can nominate themselves for membership on the Board, or could be nominated by another member, whether on the Board or not. Our current By-Laws allow 30 members of the Board.

Monthly regular meetings of the Board of Directors are open to any member of Brooklyn Parents for Peace who wishes to attend. The opinions and input of all members are important and welcome; however, only Board members can vote. Annual meeting for election of Board members and officers is in June, but vacancies on the Board can be filled at any time. Term of service for both officers and Board members is one year. There is no limit on the number of terms which may be served. Date and time of regular meetings are posted on the web-site, with RSVP by e-mail or telephone requested if you would like attend.

For a copy of our By-Laws, or for further information on the responsibilities entailed in membership on the Board, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 718–624–5921.