Where Do You Shop For Clothes For Your Tween?

As one PSP member writes:  “My (almost) 11 year-old daughter has officially outgrown the children's section of the places we've been buying clothes for her since she was small (Target, Children's Place, etc.). I think we are now into the "pre-teen" or "teen" section, which is new territory for me. I'm looking for reasonably priced basics (shorts, t-shirts, leggings, etc.), since she will either destroy or outgrow everything she owns in a season. Suggestions?”



General Tips:

  • Go for XS sizes
  • Layer with leggings
  • If you are a little crafty, you can alter and hem to fit




Abercrombie & Fitch



  • “My 10 yo niece squealed with delight when I got her something from Aeropostale which also has a kid's section.”



  • “For boys, there's a website called ASOS where we've had great success with this during this in between size time (found jeans in a 26/30). It's like an online mall. It's Europe based but free shipping.”


Brandy Melville

  • "Though a bit on the saucy side."


Crew Cuts

“Another good source is Crew Cuts - particularly if you can purchase the clothes on sale. Some of their girls clothes go up to size 16 - but my 11 year old daughter wears this size now, so I'd say their stuff runs small.”


Forever 21

  • “they have a kids sections if that fits your daughter still.”
  • “Forever 21 has great prices for basics like Tshirts, leggings, tanks and so on. The problem with Forever 21 shorts though is that they are SUPER SHORT, especially the ones with flimsy fabric. The denim ones are usually ok.”



Recommended for boys and girls

  • “We go to GAP for my 10 year old.”
  • “Gap for my 11 yo boy.”


Hannah Anderson

  • “My 11 year old daughter is about 5 feet tall and weighs about 90 lbs. We shop at Hannah Anderson mostly for pants and the 150s fit pretty well, although they are now just at the edge of getting short. The 160s are too big around the waist (but they do have that elastic that allows you to make it more snug). The jeans look great and the leggings are good quality, too. A couple of T-shirts we purchased for summer were too tight in the armpit - even in the largest size.”



  • “H&M is another place we now shop at.”
  • “The last time I looked at H&M, I thought the look was a little too sophisticated.”
  • “I second H&M.”


JC Penny

  • The 'Juniors' section at JC Penny or Macy's often has good deals.


Justice (online store)


Lands End

Recommended for boys and girls



  • “In addition to what’s been suggested, try the Juniors section of Macy's online. Tons of choice including bathing suits.”


Level 2 and Lou

  • “Two great local stores my 12 year old daughter loves are: Level 2 (Bergen & Flatbush) and Lou (7th ave & 1st, formerly Lolli's). Neither are as cheap as the major retailers but we shop there and get a few special pieces that mix in well and last longer, or for pants that fit. They also have good tween gifts.”
  • “Another shout-out for the woman-owned Level 2 on Flatbush Avenue! The store has a great, well-edited selection of both casual and dressy clothes for babies through young teens, tasteful options that pass the tween/teen approval test, and even a few athleisure-type pieces for moms. Yes, it's a higher price point than H&M or Old Navy, but the clothes are SO much nicer and will last alot longer than anything you buy at the chains.


Old Navy:

Recommended for boys and girls

  • “Also, Old Navy is good.”


Polarn O Pyret

  • “Another brand that has bigger/taller sizing is Polarn O Pyret, from which we just bought some leggings in their largest size.”



  • “I've been shopping for my 12 year old daughter at Target in the women's section.  She can now wear a women's extra small.  



  • “We've been doing very well at Uniqlo for our tween, but her tastes run to the unadorned and basic.”
  • “XS sizes at Uniqlo and H & M might work.”


Urban Outfitters

  • “My daughter just turned 10 and is absolutely a full-fledged tween. We go to Old Navy, Urban Outfitters. Sometimes we can buy extra small in tops in women's sizes so that has worked at Urban Outfitters and we recently checked out H&M as well.”


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