Classic Movies You Want your Tween to See While They Are Tweens

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Movies recommended on the PSP Tween Group.


Note movies denoted with a % are based on a survey PSP conducted in which PSP asked "classic Movies you want your tween to see while they are tweens." Since the survey, PSP members have added more movies to the list.

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Adventures in Babysitting - 20%
All of Me



Babette’s Feast:
     “My other favorite is Babette's Feast. I am devoted to food movies.”
Back to the Future
Bad News Bears 
Belle and Sebastian:
     “There is a sequel that just came out.”
     “We also enjoyed beetlejuice.”
Bend it like Beckham
The Bicycle Thief:
     “Rentable on Amazon.”
BIG- 43%
Bridge to Terabithia
Bruce Almighty



A Cat in Paris
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Cool Runnings
Children of Heaven
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang



Diary of a Wimpy Kid



Edward Scissorhands



Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Flight of the Navigator 
Freaky Friday 
Friday the 13th



The Goonies 






The Iron Giant
     “I second The Iron Giant.”



James and the Giant Peach:
     “Skews young but still so creative.”
Jurassic Park



The Karate Kid (the original) - 43%
To Kill a Mockingbird - 26%



A League of their own
Liar Liar
The Little Princess (original):
     “skews young and to girls for sure.”
Little Ceasar:
     “My 8-year-old loves modern-day movies if they have shooting, so I tried some antique film-noir on him as less unwholesome.  He loved Edward G. Robinson in Little Caesar, though James Cagney in White Heat was too talky and creaky for him.”
Little Women:
     “For the past 12 years, my girls have watched Mean Girls and the Winona Rider Little Women each year back to back with their BFF. The yin and yang. It formed their feminist world view and it was all they ever needed to know about navigating girl world - and I am good with that.”
The Lost Boys



Marx Brothers
     “I also firmly second The Marx Brothers, which has to be part of any child's cultural education.  Try Monkey Business first, which is less stagey and more slapstick.  My 8 year-old is crazy about Duck Soup.”
Meet Dave
Mean Girls
     (see comment above under Little Women)
Million Dollar Arm
Mr. Poppers Penguins



The Nanny McPhee movies
Never-ending Story



The Parent Trap (original with Haley Mills)
The Parent Trap (remake with Lindsay Lohan):
     “My identical twins much prefer the new Parent Trap.”
Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Pretty in Pink
The Princess Bride



Raiders of the Lost Ark 
The Red Balloon & Charlie Chaplin’s “The Kid”
Remember the Titans
     “The original Rocky went over big in our house and then we all went to see Creed which we also loved.”



School of Rock 
Secret of the Kells
Singing in the Rain 
Sixteen Candles
Stand By Me
Star Wars
Anything Studio Ghibli
     “I second ALL of the Studio Ghibli movies, not just Totoro (which is awesome).”




     “a plug for "Tampopo" (my own favorite movie).  Both kids loved it, but I when we rented it I forgot that there was some nudity-- a bare-chested whipped cream orgy between a gangster and his moll that lasts around 30 seconds, but I had to fast-forward through.”
     “[To the above poster] I LOVE you! Tampopo is MY all time favorite (and I have been ready to jump in front of the tv and mute for that one scene).”



Uncle Nino




Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory



Yellow Submarine
Young Frankenstein
     “Regarding Young Frankenstein: I am fond of that (first saw it theatrically in HS, and thought it was very romantic as much as a comedy, being 17 at the time (and having a crush on Terry Garr)).  But I have never shown it to my kids as I recall there is a scene where the monster rapes Madeline Kahn, complete with ostentatious sound of fly unzipping followed by Kahn breaking into delighted song.”


Z & other

9 to 5
12 Angry Men
     “My son recently watched 12 Angry Men and he really loved it.  I was surprised, b/c he's usually more of a mainstream, action-movie or funny-movie kind of kid.  But he was riveted and said he loved it.”