Raising Awesome Tweens

Thought it was tough getting through middle school yourself?  Lucky US! We get to watch our kids go through it!  Park Slope Parents is HERE FOR YOU with rescources, support and insight from experts as well as from parents who are there right along with you!

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In this section:

Tween Resources

Lists of websites, videos, books and more that can help you navigate the waters!


Tween Advisory Board

A lst of our local experts chosen for their knowledge of the tween years.


Tween Advice from Parents

Summaries of the advice from our PSP Tweens group


Tween Advice from Experts

Answers to important questions From local and national experts (some you didn't even know you needed to ask!)


Raising Tweens Tips

A list of our short, easily digestible Tween Tips for quickie pick me ups.


Tween Book Summaries

Books about tweens, summarized by parents!