How Young Is Too Young For Makeup?

one tween parents asks this crucial questions about their little girls eager to start wearing make up.

One Tween parent asks:
“Another topic I'm curious about (if you haven't already covered it) on a sixth grader.”

“As for makeup for a 6th grader--not appropriate, in my opinion. Why the rush? Girls these days need to slow down, it seems to me. And why give in so early to the idea that girls are not beautiful enough without some kind of enhancement? Maybe I'm ridiculously old-fashioned, but there you go.”


“I agree about makeup too. It hasn't really been an issue--she knows I don't want her to wear makeup outside the house, though she and her little sister and their friends like playing with makeup and doing makeovers on each other. It's ok with me as long as they wash it off before they go anywhere. She hasn't pushed back on this yet.

At the end of this month she turns 12, and has been promised pierced ears. So that time has come.”


““As for make-up, she's always been into lip gloss, and it's gotten a little darker over the years, but the first real question came right before the break--"Everyone's going to wear makeup to school on the day before break. . . . Can I?" I opted to say yes, with the caveat that if it was too much, she'd have to wash it off, and she put on a little eye shadow, then ended up washing it off herself because she felt embarrassed. She says most of her friends wear eye makeup to school, though.”