Birthday Party Ideas for a Tween Girl

Here are some ideas that my daughter (11) put together for her sister's (9) sleepover party.  There were 6 girls in all. It was all very fun, and as one mom jokily responded: "have fun not sleeping!"


Activity Ideas:

Hidden Mountains

For this, be sure everyone has a sleeping bag. One person is picked, and they leave the room. Everyone hides in someone else's sleeping bag. The player outside comes in and has to poke a bag. The person inside makes a noise of some kind, and the other player has to guess who is inside. If they are right, you come out of the bag. If not, stay silent. The last person to still be in their bag wins.

Mix It Up

Everybody loves ice cream right.? Well take it to the extreme. Mix cookies and brownies and Oreos in some vanilla ice cream, and then you take it from there. Trust me it tastes AWESOME.!

Tie Dye Cupcakes

You need vanilla cupcake mix. Split between 4 bowls. Take 4 bottles of food coloring. Take one color, squirt a few mini squirts into one bowl of batter and mix until completely that color. Do the same with the rest of the batter. Now take tiny scoops of different batter, and place them into a cupcake cup randomly. Bake, and enjoy!!!

Secret cards!!!!

Have every one write down a secret that nobody knows on a note card. Jumble up all the cards and distribute them to the guests. Have them read the card and guess who's card it is. (Try to make your hand writing unrecognizable to make it even harder!) it's tons of FUN!!!!

Nail polish spin

What you do is you put a bunch of different nail polish bottles and spin one by one in the middle. The person the bottle points at has to put that nail varnish on!

Funky fashion show

1. Gather all fun dress up stuff [doesn't matter the size] 2. Have each girl pick out a amount of clothing and have her put it on in a crazy way and show it on "the runway" [one at a time] 3.Have the supervising parent rate each girl 4. At the end give an award to each girl [craziest,cutest]

Truth or dare cards

Everybody gets 4 cards AT LEAST (you can do more) and they write a dare or a truth on it and they fold it up and put it in a bowl. The person who goes first picks up a card and unfolds it. It will have a truth or dare on it, and if you break the dare or don't do the dare, you get a chicken. The person with the most chickens loses, the person with the least chickens wins. And to make sure you don't cheat, write your chickens on a peice of paper.

Pin the kiss on the celebrity!

Have your friends make their own lips then have a poster of a celebrity. Blind fold one of your guest and take their lips. Spin your guest 3 times and pin their lips on the poster. Who ever is closest to the celebrity's lips wins!!!!


Well, I know this sounds babyish but it is fun...make dens out of blankets (as long as no one is claustrophobic) and make different rooms.

 Dance Party

Freeze dance and just having a plain old dance party are always loads of fun at all slumber party's!

Sundae Bar!

A great way to celebrate a birthday or just kick off a sleepover is by making a sundae bar! Just get some various flavors of ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, chocolate chip, cookies n' cream, etc.) and lay out some different toppings such as chocolate chips, whipped cream, caramel, chocolate fudge, chocolate syrup, strawberries, cherries, candy, cookies, nuts, and frosting! You and your guests will surely love making personalized sundaes! Have fun!

Sleepover Theater

If you have a large table, bring it to the sitting room where the girls can take food or sweets from the table and a parent can act the role of a person working at the snack bar. Lay out the chairs like a movie theater and turn the lights down. Put on a movie and the girls can sit and pretend they are at the movies. This works better than an actual theater as it costs nothing and the girls can have a laugh along the way.


It is always fun!


It comes with topic cards such as "Things inappropriate for a waiter to do" or "Things you would ask a psychic" or "Things you would do with glue" - answers can be hilarious or straight-forward and everyone tries to guess who said what for points.

 And do boys ever have sleepovers?

Yes, boys have sleep overs but the games are different - more Wii, rock band and sports from what i've heard. I have girls.


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