Strollers on Airplanes

Advice about taking a stroller on the airplane.

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General Advice:

    • If you choose to check your stroller at the gate, make sure your stroller is tagged appropriately and you receive a corresponding receipt
    • Travel with a stroller that is both easy to fold and easy to maneuver
    • Consider packing an alternative carrier, such as a sling, in case there is confusion with the location of the stroller

Gate Checking Strollers Pros:

    • Gate checking strollers allows you to easily navigate your child through the airport up to the jet way
    • Some travelers believe less damage to your stroller will occur from gate checking versus regular baggage checking

Gate Checking Strollers Cons:

    • Security checkpoints require you to take your child out of the stroller and fold the stroller up, which can be problematic if your child is sleeping or if you are traveling with a lot of carry on items
    • The majority of airlines are not responsible for damaged items, including strollers 
    • Gate checked items may be confused with regular baggage items, so be prepared if your stroller is sent to the baggage carousel

Stroller Brand Advice:


    • A car seat that easily transforms into a stroller, making the transition from airport navigation to airplane seating a smooth one
    • Priced between $175-$200

            Chicco Caddy

    • An alternative, less expensive stroller to travel with.  Easy to replace should any damage occur during the traveling process

Carrying Cases:

    • Helps protect strollers from damage and other wear and tear that occurs during traveling
    • Offers more protection than the cardboard boxes and plastic bags provided by airlines
    • To avoid confusion, make sure your carrying case is easily identifiable as a stroller case to airline personnel 


(Image via Wikimedia Commons)