NYC Airport Tips

All you need to know about New York City’s Airports

Getting to NYC’s airports can sometimes feel like the most overwhelming part of the trip. Just navigating the different options can feel hard.  From subways to car services, the Long Island Railroad, shuttles, routes and even parking options – we’ve pulled together the tips local parents shared about getting to the airport.    


NYC Airport Tips

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John F. Kennedy Airport – JFK

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La Guardia – LGA

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Newark – EWA

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General Parking Tips

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Directions to JFK:

via Eastern Parkway/Atlantic Ave:

Just take Atlantic Ave all the way down into Queens (If you take Eastern PArkway, where EP hits ATlantic, make a right onto and over the overpass bridge you will see). I am not good with distances, but a little bit after you go over the overpass bridge, the road will basically fork. This fork happen just after Logan Street where there is a Wendys on the left. Take the right fork (you will be driving along a school baseball field - this is East New York High School) and you will be on South Conduit Blvd. Just stay on South Conduit till you see signs for the JFK expressway and airport. It couldn't be easier, and shouldn't take much longer then 30 minutes depending on time and traffic.” 

“If you are closer to 15th street than GAP, then take Linden Blvd instead of Eastern Parkway.”

Directions from JFK:

“Coming back, another way to get on Eastern Parkway off Atlantic is to make the first right after the intersection of Atlantic and Eastern Parkway (Mosca Street, I think). Then two more right turns will put you on Eastern Parkway.

Also, leaving JFK I've found the fastest way to get to the exit for Conduit Blvd is to follow signs for Long Term Parking. Exit from that lot has signs for Conduit going both east and west. To get back to Brooklyn obviously you want to go WEST. It's pretty easy to end up going east there, though it's not a big deal to correct that problem.”


Car services:  

Car service recommendations can be found HERE.

Car Services with With Car Seats and Boosters can be found HERE.

Many car services in Brooklyn offer a Car Seat option for an additional fee of $5 (prices may vary). 

"I just did this a few weeks ago from LGA because our flight was delayed and my husband couldn't pick us up at the new time. It was much easier than I anticipated. My tip would be that, even though it will add time, wait until you have all your stuff and have exited baggage claim to request the car. Then you can tell them exactly what door you are at. I think the app said 5 or 7 minutes when I requested and then driver called immediately and said that he would take a few extra minutes and set up the car seat in the parking lot he was in. He then called again when he was actually en route."


By Subway: 

“Normally we take the A train to JFK. My boys (2 and 5) are not big fans of car travel and it usually seems easier.”




At JFK itself


“The actual long term parking lot that is the JFK long term parking is the cheapest. It is $18 a day, but that includes taxes and all fees, that is the price. All the off airport 3rd party parking charge less with their rate per day but they all charge tax and fees and all the ones I checked turn out to be more then $18 dollars a day with the taxes and fees for the first day and then $6 for every 8 hours, so they do not charge a full day after the first day at JFK (The Parking Spot works out to be about $21 per day).

I called the JFK long term parking and asked about reservations, they do not take reservations, but he said there are 3000 spots open at this very moment that I called and said not to worry about it.”

"It's called JFK long term parking I think, where you make a reservation, drop off the car and then they take you to the airport. It's super easy and super convenient."


153-44 South Conduit Ave, 718 276-7000

"We did find a decent long term JFK airport parking solution. We used Airpark and they were good. I called on the way to the airport and negotiated $350 for more than a month of parking -- ended up being considerably cheaper than a month in the neighborhood lots and we had our own car there & back. They have a shuttle van so no need to juggle with Airtran from the lot, although the vans were, um, not for those who find car seats or even belts an absolute must (but it's a short ride). There are many other similar lots in this post-apocalyptic looking stretch of Queens so it's worth checking out."

"We've always used AirPark at JFK.  I think it is about $15 per day, but you usually get a special for a night or two off if you book a reservation for over a week, so it is actually about $13 a day with the special.  Park, and typically a van is there within moments to bring you to the airport.  Getting back is usually smooth, although sometimes you do have to wait about 10 or 15 minutes for the van to get you at the terminal."

Smart Park JFK

124-10 South Conduit Ave, South Ozone Park, NY 11420


“Love, love, love Smart Park JFK. We use it every time we travel. One piece of advice: If you're arriving after midnight, DO NOT tell them you're coming home on the following date, e.g., if you are landing at 1 AM on 2/27, don't say that it's 2/28 on the reservation, even though that's technically correct. You'll wait a half-hour for them to retrieve your car if you do. Other than that, it's a fantastic and affordable service.

We used the long term parking for about a week a year ago. It was about $15 a day (maybe cheaper with coupons). We had no problems with it, in and out, very quick and the car was returned to us with no issues.”

"We've always had a good experience at Smart Park, which is right off of the Belt and has a quick and easy shiuttle to/from the terminal. I also just noticed that they have a Groupon right now so you can save a little."

"I've been using this lot/service and think it is great. It is much cheaper than the JFK longterm parking.  You make your reservation, drive in, leave your car, and then get driven to your terminal.  When you return you call them after you get your luggage and they are at your terminal within 10 minutes to bring you back to their lot. Your car is waiting for you."


The Parking Spot (formerly AviStar JFK)

130 South Conduit Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11430


“The Parking Spot is reliable. It is about $16 per day, but can get online coupons or save 10% with AAA. I think a bit pricey, but reliable. Make reservations ahead of time to guarantee a spot. If you find a better, cheaper option, lmk, as I am not blindly loyal to these guys, but have found them to be the best in a shady competive set. “

“I just used the Parking Spot at JFK and it was just fine, no problems.”

 Longterm Parking:

"We use the long term parking all the time and we don't reserve in advance. We simply get there , get a ticket when we first get in, find a spot, park and take the air train to our terminal. Just remember where you park. It cost around $18 a day I think." (March 2015)

"I don’t think you can reserve for Lot 9 at JFK (which is the long-term parking lot). And I bet it’s not full. It’s HUGE. I park there often and just jump on the air train to get to my terminal." (December 2017)

"If you're only going for 4-5 days, you're only paying $15 per day extra when you use the lots/garages at the terfinal.. .small price for convenience esp. When traveling with little one." (December 2017)




 Tip: Book your parking well in advance! One parent shares: "I have parked there, I don't remember which company I used I just googled it and chose one. one thing to keep in mid the lots fill up fast, I flew earlier this year and when I tried to book a spot 3-4 days before my flight all of the lots were already booked, so book a spot early.  And another mom agrees: "We also found that the lots fill up very quickly. The only place we could get a reservation in advance was with one of the car rental places that also does parking. I forget which one, but it was totally fine. Prompt shuttle service, etc."

Avistar (now The Parking Spot)

90-01 23rd Avenue, East Elmhurst, NY 11369


Tips: “I have parked at Avistar near LGA and last time around (within the last year) it was about $19 per day. They shuttle you to the airport and give you a card to call them when you get back. Have done this a few times and never had a problem.”



9911 Ditmars Blvd,East Elmhurst, NY 11369


Tip: “I think they're great - parking is inexpensive, your car is safe and they drive you to the airport from their lot and pick you up when you return. Airpark's La Guardia location is just across the Grand Central Parkway from the terminals.  Sign up for their emails and you get special offers a few times a year.


The Parking Spot

 90-01 23rd Ave, East Elmhurst, NY  11369


Tip: "We've had a lot of luck with an off-airport lot called "the parking spot" when parking at LGA. They advertise $21 per day but if you click on coupons there's always a coupon available for $18.50/day. They've always been very punctual with drop off and pick up and since they're literally 2 min drive off airport, I'd bet it would take same amount of time to get from on airport long term to terminal (June 2013). "





“We go to Newark Airport via Staten Island – the BQE through the Verrazano and Goethals bridges, then I95 North.  It’s super-fast – usually around 25 minutes, 45 at the most. So, other than the fact that you have to pay tolls, the speed is worth it. I’ve tried going through Manhattan twice, and of course, you have to pay tolls then too, and I’ve had it literally take an extra hour!”


Car Services & Traffic Information:  

Someone pro-Newark:

“My car service has never costs so much! And it's super easy to get to if you cross the Verranzano Bridge out of Brooklyn. You will be going against traffic so early in the AM. Sometimes they have coupons in the
valu-pak mailers. If you put a deposit down for your return flight before you leave, they will pick you up at baggage claim with your name on a card. Those Newark cabbies that pick you up have some sort of crazy expensive racket going on over there! I have been less stressed traveling to Newark than LGA or JFK as both of those areas have lots of "hairy" road conditions along the way.”


Someone against Newark:

“Newark is really far and expensive. The times I've done it I've regretted it (even when my work was paying for the car). A friend who did Newark last week said it's that the train alternative was tough with
luggage. I'd say it's worth it to pay to fly JFK.”


By Public Transport: 

My husband will take the subway to Penn Station and then take NJ Transit to the airport too.  It takes between 1 and 2 hours, and it’s really cheap –only $6 for the train fare.  (I think it’s half price for him, but $12 is still cheap too!)


General Parking Tips: 


“There is a website that will allow you to compare prices near the airport (all airports):”

 “If you are worried about leaving your car on the street while you are away, JFK is a pretty good option, especially since you are not traveling alone. JFK long term parking is the cheapest between LGA and EWR. I have been known to park my car at JFK on extended month long trips and catch a cab at
the main terminal to another LGA airport. Crazy I know!  

I would have your hubby drop you and the kiddos and the luggage at curbside check-in, then he could easily go park the car and meet up with you in the terminal after parking the car and taking a shuttle back to the terminal.

Otherwise if you don't really need to bring your car to the airport, I second the car services.”

"I've used a bunch of them. They are all similar and no catch. Ask if there are any additional fees (if any) and how often does the shuttle run. BTW, sometimes groupon / amazon local has 1/2 price offers."

"We recently used SNAP indoor parking for EWR travel. (It was recommended on this list.). We traveled with a baby, a toddler, two car seats, and luggage. The attendants help uninstall and bag the kid's car seats. Everyone was helpful and lovely. Car was delivered freshly washed on our return. It lived up to all the rave reviews, and is CHEAP!"



The Port Authority of NY and NJ




Local Car Services


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