Books to Get Kids Excited About a Trip to the Beach and Sea

As one PSP member asks: “Might anyone have any favorite books about going to the beach and taking a plane ride for their toddler? Our son recently developed a fear of the ocean, and we are also taking a plane ride soon and would like to start warming him up about the experience.”

Check out the recs below!

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Books About the Beach


Stella, Star of the Sea



Beach Bugs

What parents are saying: “Beach Bugs is really fun! I picked it up at the Barnes & Noble in the Slope yesterday, they also had other fun summer/travel board books on display.”



Just Grandma and Me



Hotter than a Hot Dog!

What parents are saying: “Hands down my favorite beach book is ‘Hotter than a Hot Dog’ about a hot NYC Day and a trip to the beach on the subway.”



A House for Hermit Crab




What parents are saying: “There's a book called ‘Wave’ by Suzy Lee that is beautiful that my kids like.”



The Sign of the Seahorse







Books About Planes


Planes Board Book

What parents are saying: “We found this one very useful for our girl before a trip. She got really excited about planes after that.”



Maisy Goes on a Plane

What parents are saying: “I happened to get a copy of Maisy Goes on a Plane by Lucy Cousins a few weeks before we took our daughter on her first plane ride and I highly recommend it! She loved it and it hit all the highlights of the experience such that we could reference it as we went through it. ‘Remember how Maisy went through security?’ ‘Remember how Maisy’s plane went up up and away?’ etc.”



Amazing Airplanes

What parents are saying: “We bought [this] before a big trip with my older one and he was very excited to board the plane.”



Airport Sticker Book

What parents are saying: “There's also ‘Airport Sticker Book’ by Margot Channing about the airport that has kept my kids excited about and occupied on planes.”


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