Top Twenty Baby on the Beach Tips

Swimsuit – depending on the age, either a float suit with adjustable buoyancy or “puddle-jumper” floaties
Rashguard – longer-sleeved suits that protect best from sun
Sun Hat – with tie and long back
Beach Towels (2/child) – reserve one for an end-of-the-beach-day-scrub
Sunscreen (check the use-by date and get a baby-friendly one)**
Swim diapers (even if kids don’t go in the water these are good)
Water bottle/cup – Yeti or


Flying with Babies and Kids During Covid

Planning air travel? Here are tips from members who have traversed the friendly skies during the pandemic to help you and your kids stay as safe and comfortable as possible.

Key takeaways: pack comfy masks, avoid highly trafficked seating areas, and learn about air circulation on the plane to help reassure you.


Tips for Traveling Alone with the Kids

Traveling can feel especially stressful when you are doing it alone with little kids. Parents share tips of how they managed it.

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How To Book a Hotel Room that will be Kid & Family Friendly

Tips for what to look for and ask about when booking a hotel with babies and kids.


Flying with Baby

Parents share some advice about traveling and flying with a little baby.

In this article:

General advice

Long-haul advice

Pandemic-related advice

Advice for flying with two babies

Wondering how to deal with jet lag? Read the PSP article HERE that deals specifically with how to help babies/kids adjust to a new time zone.


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Car Seats on the Airplane

All you need to know about taking a car seat on an airplane.  From the pros and cons to help you decide if you should bring a car seat through to what to do if you decide to bring it on board and what brands to buy, PSP has it covered!

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Tips About Pumping While Traveling and Flying with Breast Milk

All you need to know about traveling while pumping and flying with breast milk. From security, to the gate, up in the air and even on the way back - Park Slope moms share their experiences about flying with breast milk and pumping (plus tips for alternatives to breastmilk). Includes advice from some of our amazing working moms about what they did when they had to travel for business!

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What to Pack: for BABY

Are you wondering what should you bring when traveling with a baby? Park Slope Parents has you covered with this comprehensive checklist.

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Successful Road Tripping with a Newborn

Does the idea of packing an infant into a fast-moving metal object for a six-hour stretch on a noisy highway fill you with dread? Well, then you’re probably a reasonable human—but PSP members have tips to help you make the drive and come out the other side.


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Traveling with a Car Seat

Advice for traveling with a car seat - at the destination. While parens discussed Bermuda specifically, but there is advice here for other curious parents traveling to other destinations. For advice about flying with a car seat, read what PSP recommends HERE.