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Ideas for traveling destinations, from day trips to long weekends.


That’s So 200 Years Ago

Thinking about taking the family on an American history-themed getaway? Here's one parent's rave review of Old Colonial Williamsburg, Mystic Seaport and Sturbridge Village. Be sure to also consult PSP travel recommendations here.

Thats So 200 Years Ago



Vacation Secret-- Shhhh!

 Thinking about taking the family to Florida? One parent highly recommends it! Also see our recommendations for travel destinations here.


Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens, Tampa Florida



Grab a Sweater and Head to the North Fork

Another recommendation for an easy to get to travel destination in New York! Here is one review of visiting North Fork.  Be sure to consult our travel recommendation section here for more advice on where to go.

Grab a Sweater and Head to the North Fork



Fall Weekends Away

Looking for a Fall Getaway close to New York? Here are some suggestions.  Be sure to also consult our recommendation pages for travel spots here.

fall weekends away



Thinking about a Winter Getaway?!

Below are some suggestions for a Winter Getaway the whole family can enjoy.  Be sure to also consult our specific travel recommendation here.

Thinking about a Winter Getaway final



A Weekend Trip to the Hudson Valley

Weekend Trip to Hudson Valley:

We took the Metro North train from Grand Central Station to Poughkeepsie on Saturday morning with our two-year-old daughter. (Family Fare is $1.00 per ticket for up to 4 children aged 5 - 11.) We played almost three hours (right through nap-time!) at the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum which is a 5-minute walk from the train station and easily doable with the stroller even with some snow on the ground. The museum is $10.00/person (free for children under one or members). The Coffee Bean Café, a coffee shop with decent sandwiches and kid’s menu options, is right across from the train. We grabbed a quick lunch there after the museum.

weekend trip to the hudson valley



Visiting Washington DC with Tweens and Teens

Parents share what to do and see in Washington DC with Tween and Teen kids.

Photo caption: The Air & Space Museum got a lot of thumbs up from PSP parents. Photo courtesy of the Smithsonian Institute