Things to do BEFORE giving Birth

The top 10 things to do before giving birth.


10. Find a hand-me-down child (about a year older so they're born in the same season) to give you gently used clothes and baby items.

9. Do all those fun things that you might not get to do as much with a baby.

8. Find someone beyond your partner to help with the birth. A sibling, friend, or doula can allow your partner to focus just on you!

7. Find a pediatrician

6. Take a childbirth education class. (Consider taking one outside the hospital where you are delivering)

5. Have your Birthing Plan (and back-up plan) ready

4. Join a pregnancy group so you can go through your pregnancy with friends!

3. Freeze some food, practice installing the car seat and pack for the hospital

2. Make a list of people to receive birth announcements

1. Sleep!


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