Things to do AFTER the baby is born

10 Things to do AFTER the baby is born



10. Sign up for a New Parent/Mommy Group (OH! you've done that already! Now USE IT!)

9. Write down your Birth Story while it's fresh in your mind

8. Boil some eggs. They are a great shot of protein with little effort

7. Call a lactation consultant if you are having trouble breastfeeding. Breastfeeding does NOT have to hurt! Also, there are lots of tricks to making it great so check out the breastfeeding support groups on

6. Honor yourself the body of the women who just gave birth!  What an incredible feat! Give yourself some breathing room: 10 months on (at least) 10 months off!

5. Check out your emotions. It's okay to feel overwhelmed (don't we all!). Get professional help if you have signs of post- partum-depression.

4. Do SOMETHING each day for YOU! Visit the PSP Pampered Parent section on how to treat yourself.

3. Accept Help! If someone offers, have them make dinner, fold your laundry, hold your baby while you take a shower. It makes people feel good to help! Also consider a post-partum doula or baby-nurse.

2. Sleep when the Baby Sleeps! (Get shade darkeners if you have to!)

1. Put aside the idea that you should be doing MORE. You'll have days when it seems like you haven't done anything, BUT YOU HAVE!  You are an alien scientist doing a case study on a brand new life form, carefully learning its patterns and habits. It's a NEW job with a sharp learning curve that takes a lot of mental and emotional energy. Cut yourself large quantities of slack if you don't get your To Do list accomplished!

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