Lost or Found a Pet?

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Have you found or lost a cat or dog in the neighborhood?  Here's what to do...



Talk to everyone
Talk to your neighbors, asking them to keep watch, check backyards, houses under construction, anywhere an animal could hide. Talk to local businesses; especially those that get high traffic.

Create Flyers and Post widely. Include:

  • Photo of pet
  • Last seen location
  • Contact email
  • Contact phone number
  • Important personality information (skittish, friendly, etc)

Post around the neighborhood (especially high traffic areas and by subway and bus stops) and beyond, with some many blocks away.

Check websites that list lost pets:

- Lost and found pets on Petfinder: 
- Lost pets on the Animal Alliance:
- Animal care and Control:

Call Sean Casey Animal Rescue:
- Phone: 718.436.5163
- Post a flyer on their website:
- The staff can check to see if the animal is  microchiped and might be able to take the animal in if needed.

Post on FIDO:

- it's (under lost pets) and look at the suggestions there about lost pets:
- If it's a dog that is lost the "doggers" are super well-integrated so if they get the information and send out a notice it is likely that someone will recognize the dog by the description and help track down the owner!

Call and post at local vet offices

Post and Check Facebook Groups

Lost and Found Pets Brooklyn:

Lost and Found Craigslist:

Post on Park Slope Parents

Post on Park Slope Parents (if you’re a member) or ask someone who is to post for you.

Also send a photo to and we can get it posted on our Facebook and other social media outlets.


Did you find a bird?

Read what PSP has to say about dealing with found birds HERE.


Best of luck finding your pet or finding an owner of a pet you found. If you do find your lovable, please microchip him/her in case it happens again.