PSP Member Discussion: Work life balance and liking what you Do?

The Park Slope Parents’ Law specialty group discussed how to maintain a work life balance in an industry notorious for its long and demanding hours.


Decompressing: How to Unwind After Work

It can be very difficult to switch gears and avoid bringing work anxiety home with you, especially depending on your job and your commute. How do working parents unwind and let go of job-related stress? Here are tips from PSP working parents.


How to Negotiate Work Life Balance When Job Hunting

From setting up creative work schedules like coming in early, working from home, after bedtimes, Moms from the PSP Working Mothers group talk tips about how to find, negotiate and juggle the Work/ Life Balance.

Increasing your Productivity

Want to increase your productivity when you work from home? Here are three helpful tips!

The Debate: Working Long Hours and Parenting

The expectation and normalization of working long hours in the work place and it's impact on parents.


Back To Work With a Baby

Here are some tips, words of wisdom, and general advice from Park Slope parents on how to make the transition back to work with a baby as smooth and as stress free as possible…

W/LB Tip #23: Breathe, and then break for summer...

Summer tips to help you BREATHE--and count your blessings while you do so.

W/LB Tip #22: Priorities, Priorities

Setting Priorities as a way to get more balance in life.

W/LB Tip #21 Just Say No

Life coach Anne Baker helps us set boundaries by saying "NO" to keep us more balanced.

W/LB Tip #19: Desktop Activism

Helping all parents have more work-life balance through easy activism.

W/LB Tip #18: Happy Mother's Week- Cut yourself some slack

Sometimes the best thing to do is just cut yourself some slack.

W/LB Tip #17: De-Cluttering Your Mind

Decluttering your mind is more important than cleaning your desk!

W/LB Tip #15: De-Cluttering Your Office

A calmer workspace creates more productivity.

W/LB Tip #14: Create Family Traditions

Creating moments that will stand out for years.

W/LB Tip #13: When the clock strikes 8:30...

Finding ways to use the hours after the kids are asleep to have fun and re-energize.

W/LB Tip #10: Start a Pick-Up Co-op

Having a back-up for pick up can help you in case you're running late and need a helping hand.

W/LB Tip #9: Organizing Your Inbox

I am so excited to be able to bring you some tips from local parent and organizing expert Amanda Wiss, of Urban Clarity, on ORGANIZING YOUR INBOX.   It's virtual space, but the mental effect is the same as a closet full of clutter.    Take an hour to set up a system as she suggests below, and you will definitely save time going forward.

Here's Amanda's advice:

W/LB Tip #7: You Really Don't Need To....

Saving time by cutting out uneccessary daily chores.

W/LB Tip #2: Blocking Time on Outlook

Creating time in your day by scheduling it!

Adventures in Delegating

Some tasks are a pleasure to delegate - here are some useful tips to outsource those errands and household tasks.

Time Management: An Urban Legend

How to time manage the time management issue.  Here are 10 steps to living the Life You Want.


Advice for Interviews Regarding Family Friendly Policies

Members share their experiences in finding employers who are family-friendly...