Working Parents

How to handle a sick kid and childcare

Coughs and sniffles, fevers and colds. Your kid is sick and how do you determine when they are too sick to go to daycare with a nasty cold or another common bug? How do you handle back-up childcare if you have to miss multiple days of work? How do you negotiate which partner stays home, especially when one or both partners has the kind of job that can't really be done from home?

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Separation Anxiety with Baby: Adjusting to Nanny

Working moms talk about how their baby adjusted to nanny and overcoming baby’s separation anxiety.




Maternity Leave for a Nanny: What to do When Your Nanny is Pregnant

Wondering what to expect your nanny is expecting? What do you do when your nanny is pregnant? How do you manage maternity leave? Or what if she wants to bring her baby to work? PSP members share how they handled their caregiver expecting their own little one.




Asking for a Raise

Members from the PSP Career Networking Group weigh in on how to ask for more money in your current position.



Nonprofit Resources

Here are a list of resources PSP members have found helpful for their Non Profit Organizations.



Negotiating Severance

You just found out your position is being made redundant. You probably have many questions about what to do next and how to handle this new situation.  With the resulting schock that this news can put you in, it can be hard to think about how to best protect yourself when negotiating things like a severance package.  Take a deep breath and a few moments to read what PSP members have to say about their experiences when they were laid off and how they handled getting severance packages.



Can working parents realistically pick up their children from daycare/preschool at 6pm?

A PSP member asks the group how working parents can realistically pick up children from daycare by 6pm.  Members share their experiences of how they manage busy work schedules with strict pick up times.




Work/Life Balance—The Conversation Begins

One simple question on one of the PSP lists about starting a new job after maternity leave evolved from a conversation of practical advice to an engaging dialogue about the political system, social dilemmas, and work culture policies surrounding and impacting parenthood. This summary pulls both the practical tips and political critique that came out of this lively conversations...

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How to Stay Organized and Get Focused

Parents share how they get organized at work (and also at home) and talk tips, strategies and more about how to stay focused on the job.

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How to Tell Your Spouse You Don't Want to Work With Them

In these tough economic times where the job market is hard, sometimes you want your partner wants you to help work your connections for them and get them a job. But what happens when you don't want to work with them? Here is one member's story, and the advice she received about how to handle it.




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