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Return to Work Resources

Park Slope Parents members on our Stay-at-Home Parents (SAHP) Group have recommended resources for a parent looking to rejoin the workforce after a three-year gap.

Whether you’re a SAHP or a working parent looking to network with others in your industry, PSP has a group for you! Join our community HERE; and if you’re already a member, get signed up for the SAHP Group, Career Networking Group, or specialty career groups HERE.

Tips for a Successful Writers' Group

 PSP shares advice to make your writing group a success.
 To find out about joining the PSP Writers Circle, go HERE.

What to say to people who ask "can we grab coffee" or "I'd love to pick brain"

What do you say to people who you don't know that want to meet for coffee, pick your brain, talk about the app they are developing, business solution they are offering, and more....

PSP Guide to Organizing a Meet Up

There's been a lot of talk about people wanting to meet up.  The only thing stopping you is an organizer, so how about YOU? Create the meetup you want to attend! Here are a few quick tips to make it happen.