How to Deal with a Deliquent Client

PSP member advice for dealing with a client that does not pay their invoice.

Tips for a Successful Writers' Group

 PSP shares advice to make your writing group a success.
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Job Searching While Pregnant

Starting a new job and welcoming a baby are both exciting developments, but if you’re handling both at once, things can get a little complicated. Below, read advice from PSP members on whether to feel guilty about accepting a position while pregnant (the answer is no), when to disclose that you’re expecting, and what to look for during negotiations.

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Setting up an LLC

Thinking of setting up an LLC and what type of package to get? Here are some questions and answers parents have shared on the PSP Career Networking Group.

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How To Request a Work From Home Situation

How to negotiate working remotely rather than commuting 5 days a week. This article contains advice from two threads on the PSP forums, one in 2012 and another in 2017. 

Small Business Resources

Organizations and resources that can help you get on your way to creating a successful small business.

Places to Work, Meet and Rent in the Area

Looking for a quiet coffee bar to work from?  Or maybe a cafe to conduct a business meeting?  Or an event hall for a work party? Or a desk space to rent?  Park Slope Parents recommendations section answers these questions with member suggestions and tips. Here are some quick links to help you find what you are looking for.


Freelancers Tips and Tricks

For all the wonderful aspects of freelancing life, there are just as many challenges: getting paid on time, dealing with difficult clients, navigating your own health insurance, and more. Here are some tips and tricks from some of our members who freelance.

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