Tips to traveling light

Tips to traveling light

When it's travel season there is always the perennial questions about baby gear—namely, do I really have to schlep all this stuff with me on the plane and if so how do I do it?—are popping up on the PSP list-serv.

Travel Toys and Activities - for the PLANE

Recommended Toys/ Activities/ Games from PSP Members from over the years that are easy to pack and provide hours of fun guaranteed keep the little ones occupied when travelling on the plane!

Looking for toys and activities the CAR? Read our Road Trip Diversion tips here.


What to Pack: for the PLANE

Wondering what to bring on board?  Get plane ready with these items to bring on the flight!

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What to Pack: for BABY

Are you wondering what should you bring when traveling with a baby? Park Slope Parents has you covered with this comprehensive checklist.

what to pack parents

What To Pack: PARENTS

We are so focused on our little ones that sometimes we forget about ourselves and what to remember!  Here is a Packing List for us Parents of things to remember!