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Unaccompanied Minor: Kids flying solo

PSP members talk about when their children flew without a parent - domestic and international travel advice included.

NYC Airport Tips

NYC Airport Tips

All you need to know about New York City’s Airports

Getting to NYC’s airports can sometimes feel like the most overwhelming part of the trip. Just navigating the different options can feel hard.  From subways to car services, the Long Island Railroad, shuttles, routes and even parking options – we’ve pulled together the tips local parents shared about getting to the airport.    



Flying with Baby

Parents share some advice about traveling and flying with a little baby.

In this article:

General advice

Long-haul advice

Wondering how to deal with jet lag? Read the PSP article HERE that deals specifically with how to help babies/kids adjust to a new time zone.



Travel Toys and Activities - for the PLANE

Recommended Toys/ Activities/ Games from PSP Members from over the years that are easy to pack and provide hours of fun guaranteed keep the little ones occupied when travelling on the plane!

Looking for toys and activities the CAR? Read our Road Trip Diversion tips here.


General Advice on Airplane Travel with Kids

General advice from Park Slope Parents members on airplane travel with children, including airline rules and regulations, sleeping and the essentials to bring with you on board.


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Car Seats on the Airplane

All you need to know about taking a car seat on an airplane.  From the pros and cons to help you decide if you should bring a car seat through to what to do if you decide to bring it on board and what brands to buy, PSP has it covered!

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Strollers on Airplanes

Advice about taking a stroller on the airplane.


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Tips About Pumping While Traveling and Flying with Breast Milk

All you need to know about traveling while pumping and flying with breast milk. From security, to the gate, up in the air and even on the way back - Park Slope moms share their experiences about flying with breast milk and pumping (plus tips for alternatives to breastmilk). Includes advice from some of our amazing working moms about what they did when they had to travel for business!


How To Get Your Child To Sleep On the Plane

Tips for getting the little one to snooze on board...


What to Pack: for the PLANE

Wondering what to bring on board?  Get plane ready with these items to bring on the flight!

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Frozen Breast Milk: Shipping and Traveling With it

PSP members share advice about frozen breast milk, from shipping it to packing and traveling with it.