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PSP Decision-Making During COVID, for Parents of Babies & Toddlers

Park Slope Parents recently hosted a webinar with Samuel Jeannite, PsyD, and Mandi White-Ajmani, PhD, of Small Brooklyn Psychology. Dr. Sam and Dr. Mandi shared some insight on acknowledging the realities of Covid-19, approaching the decision-making process, and reaching a conclusion that works for your family.


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Managing Transition, Back-To-School During Covid: A PSP Coping Webinar

Park Slope Parents hosted a Coping Webinar with Dr. Nanika Coor on managing the transition to school (whatever that looks like) for our kids. Here are some notes and resources that came out of her webinar.

Dr. Coor started with a reminder to hold space for ourselves and for what we have been through over the past five months; it’s a lot. There’s more to come, but being mindful of what we’ve endured and how we’ve been successful so far (even if it doesn’t always feel like it) can help us rebuild some of our depleted energy resources. So let’s talk about some of those things.

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Support for Perinatal Loss

Our PSP members have shared resources to help you manage the pain of losing a newborn.


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Working Moms Mental Health Check-In: Webinar Notes

Thank you to everyone who took the time to join us for our most recent mental health check-in! Beth Manitsky, LMSW, who practices here in Park Slope, offered some tools and advice to put everything into perspective and help us recognize that we’re not going through it alone. Below, we’ve compiled some key takeaways from the check-in.


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