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My 9-year-old Insomniac

One parent asked the Park Slope Parents ADVICE list about what to for her 9 year old insomniac.  Here are the responses she received.

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Does Crying It Out Work for a 3yo?

Do you have a sleepless, anxious toddler?  Here one parent asks about what to do to beat sleepless nights with her constantly crying tot. Park Slope Parents unite with some collective encouragement on how to get your little one to bed.

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Refusing to Nap at Daycare

Is your toddler refusing to nap at Daycare? Parents share their tips of how they handled this situation.


Afternoon Naps and Pre-School/ Daycare

PSP members talk about how to handle sleep schedules at daycare and preschool.

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Quiet Time in Place of the Lost Nap

Ways to get your toddler to rest quietly in lieu of napping...

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Advantages to The End of Napping

Some parents dread the nap time bubble bursting. But as some parents share, it comes with some big perks.

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Nap Strike

Advice to the question, "Is my child giving up their nap?"

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Bedtime Rituals

Information on helping the transition from waking to sleeping a great event.

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Top Tips for Early Wake-Ups

“He’s waking up like he’s the CEO of a company,” says one PSP member of a 9-month-old who can’t seem to sleep past 5 am. If your baby or toddler is rising with the sun and refusing to go back down, you’re not alone, but these tips compiled from years of PSP wisdom can help you salvage a few minutes of shut-eye.

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How to Get Kids Out of Bed in the Morning

Wondering how to get your kid out of bed in the morning? You are not alone with this problem! Here, PSP parents share how they successfully get their teen/tween out of bed in the morning.


Tips for Daylight Saving

Daylight saving time arrives and departs annually at 2 am local time. In spring, clocks move forward (think: "spring forward"); in fall, they go back (think: "fall back").

Read on for some advice about adjusting to the time changes.