How to stay safe in the neighborhood & the urban environment of NYC. 

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Convincing Kids to Wear a Face Mask (and some great recommendations)

Face coverings are crucial in keeping yourself and your neighbors safe, but some little ones are having trouble coming around to the idea. If your toddler or young child is finicky about face masks, these tips sourced from PSP members might do the trick!



Winter in the City: Top Tips for Weathering the Storm

NYC.Gov’s Snow Response Page (you can track the snow plows!)

Ready.Gov’s Winter Weather Resources

Your Family:

  • Shop early and shop smart.Definitely pick up hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows, but also make sure you have easy-to-eat foods on hand in case the power goes out.

  • Buy some “hot hands” or other hand and feet warmers.

  • Keep your cell phones and other devices chargedin case of a power outage. 

  • Check in on family membersoutside your

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Top Tips for Mosquito Control

Plagued by skeeters? PSP members have tips to keep your yard clear so that you can hang outdoors without unwittingly turning yourself into a feast.

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Top Tips for Tick Bites

It’s once again the time of year to protect yourself against tick bites, particularly if you’re in a rural area and/or one where Lyme disease is more prevalent. There’s no need to panic, as Lyme is often avoidable and treatable, but knowledge is key—so be sure you’re informed, and tuck those pants into your socks before tromping out into the forest!

Pictured here is a wood tick, which does not carry Lyme disease, but is nevertheless gross.

Staying Safe & Reporting Crime in Prospect Park

What you need to know about staying safe and reporting a crime in Prospect Park


The PSP Podding Guide

Thinking through creating childcare solutions with two (or more) families to help reduce costs, get childcare coverage, and create opportunities for safer socialization will take some planning. Park Slope Parents to the rescue!

Planning on outdoor activities with your pod this winter? Check out our article on Dressing Kids for Outdoor School & Play!


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Fun in the Age of Coronavirus: Playground Safety Reminders

After a dismally empty three months, NYC’s beloved playgrounds are once again up and running—but in the Covid era, even typically carefree activities like swinging from the monkey bars require an extra level of caution. These top tips can help keep your kids safe and keep you sane.

Being a Good Steward of our NYC Parks

 Here's a checklist to help you do your part in keeping Prospect Park (and our other wonderful Brooklyn parks) safe, healthy, and thriving!

Dealing with Street Harassment

PSP members talk about how to handle street harassment (like cat calling, sexual remarks, lewd comments, leering).  


Reducing Stolen Packages in the Neighborhood

JOIN the Park Slope Parents Community. We watch out for each other (including making sure no one steals your packages)!

If you're a parent in Brooklyn, we're here for you!


Expecting some packages to be delivered? Here are our top tips to keep your packages from being stolen.


NYPD Safety Alert


Yes, Virginia, There are Earthquakes in New York City

What to tell kids when an earthquake hits (which has happened in Brooklyn!!)

Fireworks and Cities Don't Mix

Rogue Fireworks are a nuisance perpetrated by folks who think it's just hilarious to set them off on the street at 3:00am on the 4th (or rather 5th) of July. But they aren't just that.

Southern Exposure

What do you when you see a flasher in Park Slope.


Electronic Thieves and Car Break-Ins

There's a new kind of car break in, and it's not the kind you think.

Are car break-ins like this a thing of the past? 

Member Discussion About Being Street Smart: What Would You Do?

"Hey All,

I receive lots of emails, some funny, some serious, and some that I feel are useful to post so that our members can learn from other people’s experiences.

I’d love to know what YOU would do in this situation as a way to discuss best practices and action plans.  While it’s sometimes hard to think clearly when things like the below scenario happen, having a discussion about it might just help you come up with ideas if it were to happen


Crossing Guard Appreciation Day 2016!

The 78th Precinct, Brad Lander, Park Slope Parents, Park Slope Neighbors, and the Park Slope Street Safety Partnership appreciated the local crossing guards on May 10, 2016 in honor of Crossing Guard Appreciation Day! All the guards were extremely thankful that their hard work was appreciated. It was a cold winter and they are out there braving all kinds of weather (like today) to help our kids/families stay safe.


Talking about Safety: Basic danger rules your child should know

The information below came from a letter that went home to parents of PS 172. There is some great information here. Please take some time to discuss with your kids...

What To Do When You Encounter Unaccompanied and Suspicious Adults in Playgrounds

Over the years the issue of unaccompanied adults at playgrounds has come up quite a few times. Here are some guidelines...

PSSSP Appreciates our Crossing Guards!

Don't forget the folks who get you to school safely. Park Slope Street Safety Partnership (PSSSP) appreciates our cossing guards! Here are some photos from the 78th Precinct crossing guards.

Know Your Zone! Are You Hurricane Ready?

 The New York City Office of Emergency Management has prepared a ton of great information and resources about where to go and what to do in the event of another bad storm.


Sledding Safety Tips

Sledding can be a LOT of fun, but it can also cause a LOT of injuries. Each winter, thousands of children and teens end up in the emergency room because of a sledding accident. Park Slope Parents has pulled together some tips to help you sled SAFELY.

13 Tips for Personal Property Safety from the NYPD & PSP

Don't Be A Victim: Never Leave Your Personal Property Unattended. 

Assertive police strategies have cut crime dramatically making New York City the safest large city in the nation. You can help the NYPD keep New York City safe by following these simple tips...

Traffic Safety for Kids, Parents, and Nannies

Walking in the city presents many challenges that parents in more rural or suburban communities don't have to deal with. From one-way streets to bike lanes, stop-and-go buses to speeding taxis, the bustle of the city traffic can make for complicated walking. 

Below, you'll find tips from PSP members on teaching kids to walk safely as well as advice for parents and nannies who are walking with strollers. This article also includes resources for support


Staying Safe on the Streets: Precautions Against Mugging & Sexual Assault

Tips to protecting yourself from being a victim of mugging or sexual assault