The Park Slope Parents Tweens & Teens Group was created to assist parents and their children during the transition from childhood to the tumultuous teen years. The group is comprised of an engaged community of parents sharing personal experiences and giving recommendations on a wide range of topics from education, what’s cool for tweens, peer pressure, and school bullying to the onset of puberty, behaviors and attitudes, sexual identity, and self-esteem.

In addition to the vibrant online discussion board, parents have the opportunity to receive expert advice in the form of articles and blog posts as well as attend webinars and workshops on topics like culture, education, health, mental health, wellness, and all aspects of the college process.

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The PSP Gift Guide: Tweens and Teens

Tweens and teens may be notoriously difficult to shop for, but our Park Slope Parents members have them outsmarted with these savvy suggestions.

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Scheduling Your Teen Through COVID-19: Suggestions from our Parents.


Uh oh. You and your teen are cooped up in your apartment. You can’t send them outside, or to school, or even to the movies. Many of us have decided to try to make a schedule (example below). Here’s some scheduling tips to keep your teen occupied-- if you can convince them to keep a schedule, that is! 

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Gender and Sexuality Resources

Below, you’ll find resources to help you support LGBTQI+ kids, educate yourself on gender and sexuality, and help your young ones discover the wide range of identities that may describe them.

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Debit Card Solutions for Tweens and Teens

Show me the plastic! Parents discuss safe ways for Teens and Tweens to carry money.

NYC Family Bucket List

Off-Broadway WeekNew to the city? Been here for years and now moving away? Read on for the quintessential Brooklyn and New York activities that received glowing reviews from Park Slope Parents members.

Packing for College - Master List from a Rising Senior

Packing for college can be a daunting task. Here's a master list of stuff to bring, refined over the past three years by PSP's resident rising college senior!

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The Tradition of Out to Lunch at PS 321

PSP members talk about the benefits (and the few potential drawbacks) PS 321 of off-campus lunch.


Coney Island - what the kids say!

Sabrina and Samantha Van Putten had a recent adventure to Coney Island...


Best Science Museums, According to PSP Members

The following quesiton was asked to the Park Slope Parents group: "My rising 6th grader has summer homework to “visit a science museum and write a journal entry describing what you saw and what you learned from it”. What’s your favorite Science Museum?"
Here are their votes!

Family Movie Night: Tween/Teen Edition

Looking for a movie the whole family—even the persnickety tweens and teens in your household—will enjoy? Here are recs from PSP members!

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Books for Kids and Tweens About the Birds and the Bees

Got a tween who’s starting to ask some questions about sex, puberty, and all of that good stuff that comes with growing up? PSP members have the book recs you need to help educate your kids in the most age-appropriate, not-scary way possible.

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Current Events Magazines and Websites Appropriate For Tweens

Your tweenager is curious about current events. Here, parents share some of the news outlets that explain current events in an educational, engaging and appropriate way for a tween.

Park Slope Parents Policy for Posting about Tweens/ Teens Looking for Work

Please go HERE for the updated guidelines!

We’ve updated our policy on Tweens/Teens/College Students looking for work so please read the following.


Teen Skin Care: Real-Life Recs from Parents

Skin care can be a tricky business at any age, but particularly during the teen years, when kids’ skin is contending with new hormones and lifestyle changes. Park Slope Parents members who have been-there-done-that have shared some ideas for the cleansers and creams that worked best for their teens.

Read on for the recommendations—and if you’re not already a member of PSP,join our community today to connect with parents in our Tweens & Teens

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Insight into Adolescence with Michael Davidovits, PhD, LCSW

Dr. Michael Davidovits, one of PSP's trusted experts in child and adolescent psychology, joined us for a webinar and shared insight into our tweens and teens through the filter of this challenging year.

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Suicide Resources for Parents and Tweens and Teens

If you are worried someone is suicidal or if you feel like you are going to hurt yourself, there are a few actions you can take:


Call 911: If there is an immediate risk, do not hesitate to call 911. 

National Suicide Prevention LifelineCall1-800-273-8255 for free confidential support. Available 24/7. 

Crisis Text LineText START to 741741 for free confidential support. Available 24/7. 

NYC Well  Call 1-888-NYC-WELL or text


Raising Awesome Tweens

Thought it was tough getting through middle school yourself?  Lucky US! We get to watch our kids go through it!  Park Slope Parents is HERE FOR YOU with rescources, support and insight from experts as well as from parents who are there right along with you!

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Tween Book Summary Girl Land

Girl Land was a insightful look at the land from girl to woman.

Acting out Tweens

Advice about tween acting out at home.

Coping with screen time and anger issues

Does your Tween have problems putting down a video game?  One parent asks the PSP advice list about dealing with screen time and anger management issues with their Tween.

Tips to Prevent Losing & Forgetting Keys

Tips from parents on how to get your Teen/ Tween to remember their keys!

Make Up and Middle School

A summary of another lively thread on the Tweens Group - this one is about when you should let your Middle Schooler wear make up - and is that even your decision to make?

How do we teach kids about Money?

"Show me the money!"

Errr - does that sound more like your Tweenager than Tom Cruise in the movie Jerry Maguire?  For us moms and dads, sometimes we want it to be more like show me the value and appreciation of money.  

Raising Tweens Tip #3

8 tips for raising Great Tweens

Raising Tween Tip 1.5

Tip 1.5- Better Stronger Faster

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Subway Safety: Kids Riding Alone

From train safety to travel manners, here are tips and suggestions for what to do when your Tween/Kid is ready to ride the Subway alone.

Talking about the Talk

When do you talk about the facts of life – from the birds to the bees and everything in between? Here, PSP parents talk about “The Talk.”


Birthday Party Ideas for a Tween Girl

Here are some ideas that my daughter (11) put together for her sister's (9) sleepover party.  There were 6 girls in all. It was all very fun, and as one mom jokily responded: "have fun not sleeping!"

Literary Violence and Tweens

Should you be concerned if your Tween is writing gruesome or violent stories?