Parenting tips compiled from PSP members on topics ranging from traveling with children to eating, big transitions teethbrushing and much more!

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The PSP Gift Guide: 3s, 4s, and 5s

The ultimate gift guide for the 3s, 4s, and 5s in your life has arrived! From art supplies to costumes to puzzles and beyond, Park Slope Parents members have suggestions for kids of all genders, interests, and attention spans.

Read on for the recommendations—and if you’re not already a member of PSP,join our community today to connect with families raising young ones the same age as yours.

Shopping for someone on the younger side? We have

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Strengthening Relationships

Parenting puts a lot of pressure on a relationship, even a good one. With this in mind, here’s a short list of things to do to strengthen relationships.  The first year of a new baby's life is one of the hardest for new parents. Add a second kid complicates things. Making time as a couple is KEY to being a good partnership in parenting. 


Overcoming Problematic Language

A PSP member shares awesome advice for dealing with generational and cultural differences of language and gender in tactful and inclusive ways.


Is Santa Claus real?

The ins and outs of creating (or not creating) the Santa Claus myth.


From Princesses to Girl Warriors

How do you grow a strong, confident girl?

Putting Shoes on the Right Feet (and Underwear too!)

Tips on how to get your child to put their shoes on the right feet and underwear on 'frontwards."

Too Many Presents/Gifts

Getting too many presents for your kids? Here's some ideas on how to decrease the consumerism.

Quick link: Just looking to find a loving home for unneeded items? See PSP’s list of places to donate toys, gifts and household items. Also check out our page on How to Help this Holiday Season, which includes several donation and toy/gift drive opportunities.

Local and Parenting Blogs

Cloth Diapers -- How?

Considering cloth diapers and wondering how the logistics of them work? Park Slope Parents member share advice from what brands to use, what happens at daycare, how laundry works (especially in multi unit complexes in NYC), and special diaper services.   

Noise & Kids - Apartment Living

Question :
Well, we got our first kid-noise complaint today. My downstairs neighbor wrote: I can hear your son running back and forth, back and forth. I can pretty much hear everything down here. Its a bit much, especially at 7:30 AM. "

Considering going T.V. free?

See what our members have to say on the subject

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Sibling Rivalry: The Big Sister Perspective

A discussion about making sure we don't fuel the fire of Sibling Rivalry....


Raising Bilingual Kids

Parents talk about raisining bilingual kids.

Secular Kids, Religious Relatives

Dealing with pressure from family members


Got a southpaw on your hands?  This information may help.

Setting Up a Savings Account for your Child

Parents share their tips on setting up savings accounts for their kids.

Together Tuesdays: This Valentine's Day Love Yourself

Today is Valentine's Day-- the day that we express our undying love to our partners and let people know they are important. While it's ALWAYS important to say you care, I really want to focus on LOVING YOURSELF and not losing your whole self in someone (or something) else. This is especially true when we become parents (and, okay, mothers in particular) because our identity becomes so attached to this wonderful little creature that depends on us


Being a stay at home parent – the good, the bad, the ugly

Considering stay at home parenting? One parent did at the is the advice they received.

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“Sharenting” and Smart Choices on Social Media

As parents, it’s only natural for us to fill our social media feeds with photos of our gorgeous kids. PSP members have raised some interesting points about upsides, downsides, and best practices around doing so, which we encourage you to consider as you navigate your own relationship with social media.

Rethinking Parenting: Video

PSP held a forum on April 8, 2021, with Nancy McDermott, Michaeleen Doucleff, and Lenore Skenazy, who shared their insights on how today’s watchful culture of raising children has arguably created more stress for parents as we strive to meet ever more complex and contradictory standards for optimal parenting.

This is an event that will help us understand how we came to be such worried parents (spoiler: it’s not your fault!). An event where

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The New Normal: Parenting Tweens & Teens in Uncertain Times, a PSP Webinar with Fara Jones, LCSW

PSP hosted a webinar with teen-whisperer Fara Jones to help parents reset our preconceived notions about adolescence and offer strategies to cope with what's coming next. From technology to schooling to routines, Fara discussed how this uncertain world is affecting every strata of teendom and the best ways to help.

To get access to more events like this one, and to bond with fellow Brooklyn parents going through the teen-raising journey,join


With Little Kids: Ideas for Family Movie Night!

What to watch with your little ones on family movie night!

Also check out our page with Marvelous Movies for 3s and 4s.

If you’re not yet a member of PSP, join us today and connect with a community of parents who will watch movies with you and so much more!

Time for the Big Tub?

How to tell when it's time to move a toddler out of the inflatable baby tub, and how to keep kiddo safe.

Partner Parenting

Studies show that women still do more household chores than their partner, including childcare and maintenance. Some call it the invisible workload; others refer to it as the household gender gap or the second shift. Interesting data can be found elsewhere (like this 2016 Huffington Post article) and PSP members have plenty of anecdotal evidence. PSP members alsohave useful tips and advice about how they distributed childcare tasks. This article


Dads of Park Slope Parents Present: Dad Hacks 101

The savvy dads of Park Slope Parents have compiled an encyclopedia of creative tips to help your day-to-day life run a little smoother. From breakfast to naptime to bathtime and back again, these hacks will have you feeling like a seasoned pro at this whole parenting thing!

Want to chat with fellow Brooklyn dads and share your own awesome hacks? Join Park Slope ParentsHERE; and if you’re already a member, clickHERE to get signed up for the

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Anti-Racism Resources for Tweens, Teens, and their Parents

A curated list of movies, books, and resources to help families of tweens and teens educate and engage.

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Educating Our Kids and Ourselves on Anti-Asian Racism

A round-up of podcasts, articles, and resources shared by PSP members to help you educate yourself and your family on the legacy of anti-Asian racism in the United States and how we can move forward.


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How to Handle Holiday Stress

Christmas can bring more than presents, cookies and Santa Claus. With it can come stress, worry and anxiousness.  It's easy to get overwhelmed by the Holiday buzz and feel like yourself spinning out of control.

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Improving Parent Coping and Self-Care with Small Brooklyn Psychology

As parents, we put so much of ourselves into our kids.

Sometimes—especially this year—this can leave us feeling depleted and brittle. In turn, this keeps us from being the parents we aspire to be. How can we break this cycle?

Small Brooklyn Psychology hosted a webinar with therapist Sam Jeannite, PsyD, who addressed these concerns with evidence-based strategies for coping with stress, managing frustration, and making time for our own self-care.


Mental Health Check-In for Parents of Elementary School Kids

Last week we had a Mental Health Check-In for Parents of Elementary School Kids with psychologist Mandi White-Ajmani, PhD, from Small Brooklyn Psychology. Here are some of the key takeaways that came out of that check-in. Feel free to reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Child Modeling: Origins, Agencies, and Realities

So you have a cute child. So cute, in fact, that strangers tell you your kid should model. You're thinking about it—but where to begin? What is it like being a "Stage Mom"? It is worth it? Parents share where to start, what the casting experience is like, and the realities of child modeling.