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Gender and Sexuality Resources

Below, you’ll find resources to help you support LGBTQI+ kids, educate yourself on gender and sexuality, and help your young ones discover the wide range of identities that may describe them.

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Overcoming Problematic Language

A PSP member shares awesome advice for dealing with generational and cultural differences of language and gender in tactful and inclusive ways.


I Am A Girl, Hear Me Roar

Pink, girls, dolls, bows.  Blue, boys, trucks, dinosoars.  Gendered stereotypes are all around us.  How do you break these gendered characteristics?


A 4-year-old's idea of beautiful

What happens when your own child never feels beautiful and obsessively seeks approval for perfection?


Private Parts

Talking with kids about private parts.


Princess Predicament: Books, Music, Movies, and Advice from PSP Members

Books, movies, music, website links and parenting tips that dispel the myths.

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Children's Books with a Positive, Feminist Message

"My daughter has asked for books for her birthday. I am trying to find some books that highlight girls/women and all we can do. Or positive messages to help spread love and hope right now. There are so many (and some aren't that on point--Not all Princesses Wear Pink was disappointing)."

Update: the second half of this article now includes recommendations for children's books with characters who do not conform to gender stereotypes.

Here are