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Setting Up a Savings Account for your Child

Parents share their tips on setting up savings accounts for their kids.


Preparing for the biggest "what if": Steps to writing your will

While writing your will might strike you as a morbid task, it’s nevertheless a crucial one. Putting your affairs in order is a significant project, but after it’s done, you’re guaranteed to feel a weight off your shoulders. Besides, you can take this as an opportunity to reframe your thinking. Creating a will calms your mind, sets things in motion to make it easier for your loved ones if you pass, and keeps complications like probate out of the


Debit Card Solutions for Tweens and Teens

Show me the plastic! Parents discuss safe ways for Teens and Tweens to carry money.

protect your credit card

13 tips to protect your credit card

Park Slope Parents members share their tips for keeping credit cards safe. 


Getting a Will After Baby

BEFORE YOU READ ON — We've got an updated version of this article, featuring tips from members plus detailed steps to get you started. Check it out HERE!

PSP members share advice about getting a will after having a baby, includes tips from other threads about legal guardianship. Please note that this post is comprised of crowd-sourced, first-hand accounts from PSP members, and was not written with professional input.


Saving For College

Tips on how to start saving for your child's college education.

How do we teach kids about Money?

"Show me the money!"

Errr - does that sound more like your Tweenager than Tom Cruise in the movie Jerry Maguire?  For us moms and dads, sometimes we want it to be more like show me the value and appreciation of money.  


Hiring a photographer? Read these important safety and contract tips

Know what you're getting when you hire a photographer.  Some photographers don't include the price of your digital image in their session rate, some people will give you all the digital negatives, and others only a few.  Here are some things to think about as you hire a photographer.

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Bills, bills, bills: Members understand ConEd and Electrical Bills

This article is a summary of PSP member deliberation and discussion about ConEd, raises alternatives like Green Mountain and the 2014 increase in electrical costs.

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Bills, bills, bills: Alternatives to Cable (or at least lowering cable bills)

When Benjamin Franklin said nothing is certain but death and taxes - he had no idea about the problems and headaches of cable and internet bills. This article is a summary of PSP member deliberation and discussion about Time Warner Cable (TWC), Leaf, Netflix, Apple TV, FiOS, and more…

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Balancing Babies and Budgets

It’s time to face the financial facts. Stop avoiding and start planning. PSP moms and dads share the realities of figuring out finances.

Allowance: Show 'em the Money

PSP members share their two cents on what you need to know about allowance.