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Resolution of Bath Fears

PSP members discuss solutions for babies and toddlers who are skittish about bathing!

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Fearful Kids

PSP members share how they managed their anxious and fearful children.

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Toddler Afraid of Big Tub

Is the big tub daunting for your little one? PSP members have some ideas on easing the transition.

It's Thunderstorm Season

What to do with kids when scared in a thunderstorm.

Kids and TV

Is Sponge Bob really that bad, asks one parent.


Is Santa Claus real?

The ins and outs of creating (or not creating) the Santa Claus myth.

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Books and Resources for Handling Kids and Aggressive Play

 Parents share some reading materials and their takeawys about coping with kids and aggressive play/ rough housing.

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Kids and Guns

PSP members share their insight about kids and obsessions with guns.