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Fearful Kids

PSP members share how they managed their anxious and fearful children.


Dealing with a Diaper Strike

PSP members offer their advice on how to keep babies from taking off their diapers.

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Sibling Rivalry: The Big Sister Perspective

A discussion about making sure we don't fuel the fire of Sibling Rivalry....

How to Handle Hitting

PSP members offer advice on dealing with violent behaviors in elementary-aged kids.

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Books and Resources on Toddler Behavior

Looking for guidance on how to handle tantrums and create structure for your toddler? PSP members shared their favorite recs in response to a member’s request for books, podcasts, and resources that are “empathetic yet practical.”

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Managing Difficult Behaviors with Small Brooklyn Psychology

We recently held a webinar with Jill DiPietro, LCSW, at Small Brooklyn Psychology to address some of the behavioral challenges that may be exacerbated in the age of Covid. Read on for notes on breaking the coercive cycle, modeling positive behaviors, and more.


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Thrilling Threes

Forget terrible twos, what to do with the thrilling threes?

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Playground problems - how to handle a bully the right way

A PSP member writes.: "I'm writing more for my husband than for myself - but in any event I'm hoping for some insight from the collective about an ugly incident that happened this weekend. He can't shake his anger and frustration and honestly, I'm bothered by it too and would love to hear some thoughts on the matter..."

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Books and Resources for Handling Kids and Aggressive Play

 Parents share some reading materials and their takeawys about coping with kids and aggressive play/ rough housing.

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Bullying in Pre-K

PSP parents discuss bullying in Pre-K aged, 4-year-old children.

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"Hit Me Baby One More Time": Advice For When Your Toddler Hits You

Whether it is biting, hitting or tantrums - here is advice from PSP members about what to do when your child is all fisticuffs and frustration.

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Nail Biting - How To Bite The Habit!

Ideas, tips, and suggestion to get YOU or YOUR KID from biting nails…

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Handling Hurtful Kids

What do you do when your child hurts your feelings either by stating preference over one parent, saying mean things or worse, becomes physically aggressive towards you? According to Parents in the PSP community this can be a normal part of a child’s development. Here are tips from local moms and dads about how to get through this tough time.

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Refusing to Go Up and Down Stairs

You live in a fourth-floor walkup.  The kid won't budge.  What now?

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What to do when kids use their teeth for more than eating. This article features three different, real life scenarios of PSP member experiences, as well as various advice from over the years.

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Challenging four-year-old behavior

How to handle meltdowns, erratic behavior, and other hallmarks of the "frustrating fours."

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Sibling Rivalry

"Our son has zero interest in his baby sister, and sometimes pushes her out of the way," a PSP member shares. Here is advice about how you can help build the sibling bond. 

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Kids and Guns

PSP members share their insight about kids and obsessions with guns.

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Stroller Strike

Help for a 3.5 month old who doesn't like riding in the stroller.

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Advice to handing a child who gropes boobs!


It's not fair!

How to explain the complicated issue of fairness to our kids!

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Temper Tantrums, Terrible Twos, and Taming a Toddler

Summary of suggestions on handling extreme tantrums of toddlers / 1.5 - 2 year olds...


Princess Predicament: Books, Music, Movies, and Advice from PSP Members

Books, movies, music, website links and parenting tips that dispel the myths.


Hitting (15 month old)

Advice on what to do about hitting and pawing behavior.

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Teeth Brushing

Ideas to get your little ones to polish their pearly whites! Also included is advice about how not to swallow toothpaste.




Got a thumbsucker? Read this advice for help!



Advice about Monsters and Other Scary Things

PSP advice from parents about how to deal with issues related to being scared of monsters and other scary things.


Getting Kids to Help

How do you get kids to help clean up?

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How Young Is Too Young to Attend Concerts?

Park Slope Parents was invited to take part in a roundtable discussion about whether young children should attend concerts.