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Tips About Pumping While Traveling and Flying with Breast Milk

All you need to know about traveling while pumping and flying with breast milk. From security, to the gate, up in the air and even on the way back - Park Slope moms share their experiences about flying with breast milk and pumping (plus tips for alternatives to breastmilk). Includes advice from some of our amazing working moms about what they did when they had to travel for business!

Breast Pump Parts 1

Pumping At Work Tips for Breast Feeding Moms

Moms who pump at work are more and more a routine part of today's workplace. Here are some valuable tips for new moms from our network of seasoned pumping pros. Also includes advice on what to wear, scheduling, storage and transportation, and more.

The PSP Shopping List: Best Breast Pumps

Wondering which pump will be b(r)east for you? Check out real-life reviews from PSP parents who have put pumps to the test!

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How to Have a Successful Hospital Stay

Advice from Park Slope Parents members for parents with children in the hospital.

Newborn Advice for Dads/Partners

Parents discuss how fathers and partners can bond with their baby.


How To Deal With Colic

Are you wondering how to deal with a baby with colic? Here are some tips and advice from PSP parents about helping a colicky baby.

Resources For a Traumatic Birth Experience

No two birth experiences are alike and a mother's transition from labor and delivery to new motherhood can be vastly different. For some , moving out of a traumatic birth experience (TBE) can take a long time to happen. Some have been physically injured by the birth of their baby, and postpartum care doesn't always address these health issues. Others are impacted by anxiety, anger and disappointment around their birth as well as full blown


PSP Members Advice about Post-Partum Depression and PMAD

PSP members share their personal experiences with post-partum depression (PPD) and Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder (PMAD).


Trimming a Baby's Nails

Wondering how and when to cut baby's nails? Here are PSP members' tips.


Help, Resources, and Advice for Stressed Out Parents, Post Partum Depression (PPD), and PMADs

Are you feeling stressed out and feeling alone? Do you find yourself wondering if you could have post partum depression (PPD) or a Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder (PMAD)? Here are a list of warning signs from the Post Partum Depression Center, as well as links to personal experiences and stories from local parents about how they deal with feelings of stress and depression. 

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Don't Fear the Bathroom - Babyproofing in the Real World

You may have heard the statistic that the kitchen sink has more germs than the toilet, but chances are your toddler doesn’t bee-line to the kitchen sink, hold the rim to steady themself, then use the basin as their personal splash pad. They're more likely to try that trick at the toilet. And even if your toilet sparkles, you likely don’t want baby blowing bubbles in toilet water.
This article includes top tips and products for babyproofing the bathroom,

We Can Work It Out

An article about how to safely play with your infant.

Navigating New York's public transporation system with a stroller

Wondering how to juggle baby and stroller through the city's miles of track?  Read what our members have to say:

Mommy Brain and Short Term Memory Loss

Having trouble focusing since having a baby?  Read here for members thoughts on the subject

Advice for Parents of Preemies

Resources and advice for parents with preemies.

Absorbent Diapers

Trying to find non-leaking diapers? Check here.

Songs for New Parents

A list of recommended songs for new parents.

What to do with a Newborn

Things to do when you're alone with a  newborn to keep sane and happy.

Relationship between Pets and Baby

Advice on introducing your dogs or cats to your baby.

Separation of the Pubic Symphysis

One person's experience's with Separation of Pubic Symphysis.


Giving Up the Pacifier

Advice about getting kids to give up the "passy" as well as a few arguments for allowing kids to keep using the pacifier.

Also check out this vintage New York Times article for inspiration on the transition: Covered in Pacifiers, Trees Signal a Rite of Passage 

Diaper Rash

Advice on ridding the rash.


Breastfeeding Struggles

Are you having trouble breastfeeding? You are not alone. Here, PSP members share how they coped with problems breastfeeding.


Feeling Torn About Pumping

Is breast always best? Mothers share their experiences about stopping breastfeeding/ pumping, coping with the stigma of switching to formula, and overcoming guilt.

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Frozen Breast Milk: Shipping and Traveling With it

PSP members share advice about frozen breast milk, from shipping it to packing and traveling with it.

Problems Pumping?

PSP moms talk about how they solved problems with breast pumping and share things to try when what you are doing isn't working!

Breast Pumps & Health Insurance


If you think you'll be going back to work and pumping, get a second pump for your office. 

How to Donate Breast Milk

So your freezer is starting to get full and you are wondering what to do with all that breast milk. Is donation an option? Here are some tips from local parents.


Weaning a Toddler (General Advice)

Wisdom compiled from PSP members for those looking to kick off the weaning process.

Also check out our pages on Night Weaning and Baby Led Weaning.

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Breastfeeding a Sleepy Baby

Advice on Keeping a sleepy baby awake for breastfeeding.