IPhone Apps for kids

Recommendations from the PSP community on iPhone apps their kids love.

Coping with screen time and anger issues

Does your Tween have problems putting down a video game?  One parent asks the PSP advice list about dealing with screen time and anger management issues with their Tween.

Setting Cell Phone Guidelines

What guidelines and boundaries do you set with your cell phone? Here, PSP members discuss, deliberate and debate boundaries and use of mobile phones and technology.

grandparent hands

Quality Virtual Time with Grandparents

Zoom fatigue” is very real for us grown-ups, and we were used to staring at screens and making small talk all day even before the pandemic started—so it’s no surprise that young children are at the end of their ropes when it comes to video chatting. If your kids are hesitant about recounting their day to grandparents over FaceTime for the 100th time since March, have no fear: PSP members are here with tips on virtual activities with


Screen Time and Social Connection for Kids

In a recent webinar sponsored by PS 321, speech-language pathologist and mindfulness teacherSusan Ehlerman Brennan shared her wisdom on using tech to enhance your child’s social world. Park Slope Parents listened in on Brennan’s insights as she made a case for how technology—far from rotting kids’ brains—can actually enhance and expand their interactions and interpersonal connections, both remotely and in person.

Below, we’re sharing some key


Technology Advice and Safety Tips for Kids and Teens

Did your child get a new laptop, smartphone, or other electronic device? This is a good time to educate your child about safety surrounding their device - both online and in the real world. This is also a good opportunity to consider a technology agreement (PSP provides you with one!). This is also a good time to think about your family's policy surrounding social media.

Advice on Limiting Screen Time

A parent asks: "I'm looking for successful strategies for limiting device time. How do you set clear, enforceable limits without too much resistance, arguing or stress?  I have a 10 year old who is predictably addicted to her new iphone. I'd be grateful for any advice."