Be sure to check the Park Slope Parents Recommendation section for referrals for the following local sevices everything Animal related - from the Pets to the Pests:

Emergency Vets


Dog Walkers & Cat Sitting

Exterminator or Pest Control

Pet Care

Browse the articles below for tips for finding a lost cat or dog, dealing with pesky raccoons (yes, they exist in Brooklyn!), and more....


Sleeping Babies & Dear Doggies

One parent raised the following dilemma: “how do parents meet competing needs of all beloved household creatures when they don't fall together, time-wise?’


Wanna Adopt a Dog? Here's Some Advice

Looking for a a new addition to the family? PSP members have advice on adopting (or fostering) a dog.

- Remember that YOU will be spending a lot of your time with your dog. Make sure you feel confident your family will be able to provide your pet a good and loving home in 5, 10, or 15 years.

- If you are not ready to commit to adoption, try fostering a dog. This is a great way to see if a dog might be right for your family or not.

- Find a dog


Lost or Found a Pet?

Have you found or lost a cat or dog in the neighborhood?  Here's what to do...

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Top Tips for Adopting a Cat

Looking to add a four-legged friend to your family? PSP members have all the recommendations you need for the purr-fect cat adoption, as well as thoughts on whether fostering might be right for you.


What birds am I hearing in the AM?

Do you wake up to the sound of the morning chorus in Park Slope and Brooklyn?

Photo: an American Kestrel in Prospect Heights (image via here, thanks to a Creative Commons license)

What to do about Raccoons

Yes, there are Raccoons in Brooklyn! However cute they may be, they can be a nuisance when they forage in your trash, nest in your roof, or sneak into your kitchen.  Here are tips from your PSP neighbors!

I found a baby bird! What do I do?

So you found a baby bird fallen out of it's nest.  Here are some following resources to help your winged friend!


Relationship between Pets and Baby

Advice on introducing your dogs or cats to your baby.