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I Applied to Join and I Haven't Heard Anything

Park Slope Parents applications are reviewed every day. However, approval and access aren't instantaneous. If all the information we need is in your application, we'll approve you within 24 hours, and you'll get an email telling you how to pay the membership fee.

If more than 48 hours have gone by and you haven't heard back from us, maybe it's one of the following:

- Did our approval message get lost? Could it be caught in your spam filter? Check your spam folder for an automated welcome message with instructions on how to pay the fee and join.

- Were there typos in your contact information? If you're missing some info we need, we'll write to you and ask for it, but if you didn't put in your email address or mistyped it, we won't be able to. Go to and check to make sure you filled in both the contact info and the "club questions."

Please note that we add new members to our Classifieds and Advice/Community Groups every 24-36 hours. Those big groups live on a different platform. (See a review of all our different groups here.) Depending on when your membership was approved and payment received, you may have to wait to access the Classifieds and Advice Groups.

Are you renewing after an expiration? If you renewed after your expiration date, you might have been removed from our big groups, Classifieds and Advice/Community. We’ll need to add you again.

If none of those things is the problem, write to us at , and we'll figure it out and get your membership started.


Downloading Your Membership Card

We are paperless: saving trees and reducing PSP's carbon footprint. Here are instructions for downloading your membership card (for mobile phone instructions, click here)!



How To Renew Your PSP Membership

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I'm not getting any emails...

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I'm going on vacation.  How can I suspend my emails?

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Hardship Accounts


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Navigating Your Membership Profile

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What is a Tough Stuff Group?

Families need as strong of a support network as possible, especially when they're going through tough situations. The goal of our tough stuff groups are to connect members to a nurturing community that understands and can relate, personally

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