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The 2012 Babysitter Survey Data is HERE!

The results of the 2012 Babysitter Survey is here! 




Requirements for Nanny Posts [CHILDCARE] on the PSP Classifieds Group

If you want to post a message to our PSP Classifieds Group, here are the steps to make it happen.

Please note that you'll need to be a member of our community to post to the Classifieds. Learn more and find your new support group HERE!

Helping Your Nanny Find a NEW Job

It's time to move on. Schedules have changed, the kids are starting school, or you've decided to be a stay at home parent. Whatever the reason, here are The Top Ten Tips for helping your great nanny find an equally great new family!

Looking for support in all stages of the parenting journey, comprehensive guides to starting and ending nanny relationships, access to our Classifieds, dozens of specialty groups for your interests and identities,


Important Reminder: Nanny Update

An important email PSP sent to members on January 19, 2014 about recent trouble we've experienced with nannies in Park Slope.

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Important Reminder About Choosing a Daycare/Preschool

Dear PSP Members,

There have been a few situations in the past weeks that warrant us posting information that you should be aware of regarding Daycares and Preschools.

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The 2013 Nanny Survey - The Bright (and Dark) Sides of Nanny Pay

2011 Park Slope Parents Nanny Survey Press Release

The 2012 Babysitter Survey Data is HERE!

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From NPR to New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Huffington Post, here you will find where Park Slope Parents has been featured in the news and press. 

Libraries and Pornography, May, 2008

See coverage of the library scandal!


How to search the Park Slope Parents website

For over a decade our members have been sharing their reviews of local businesses and services. We've got thousands of entries from dentists to decorators, painters to pediatricians, locksmiths to lawyers. Over the years, we've even added really (we mean REALLY) specific categories like hairdressers that specialize in curly hair. We also pull together articles based on sensitive member questions like how to talk about death with your child, or


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PSP Specialty Groups include our very active Bilingual Groups. These groups are for parents who have an interest in, or who speak in, languages other than English. The focus is on arranging activities conducted in a foreign language as well as providing support.  Our Multilingual Families group is a primary source of engagement for families speaking in languages other than English. This group offers networking and support for parents raising kids


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Families need as strong of a support network as possible, especially when they're going through tough situations. The goal of our tough stuff groups are to connect members to a nurturing community that understands and can relate, personally

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Join the SDS Group (Separated, Divorced, Single Parents)

The purpose of the SDS (Separated, Divorced, and Single) Parents group is to provide positive support and resources for parents dealing with issues of separation, divorce, co-parenting with a former partner, and single parenting.


How to Join the PSP Baby Groups

Interested in a Pregnancy or New Parent Group with other folks expecting around the same time as you? Join a Park Slope Parents Baby Group! And if you're a Brooklyn parent who's not yet a member of Park Slope Parents, let's fix that. Join us HERE! You'll join a baby group as part of the sign up process. We'll get you added when you join!

PSP Career Networking

PSP Career Networking is an official off-shoot of the Park Slope Parents listserve. The group provides a supportive and active networking community for parents interested in: networking, changing careers, looking for work, going back to school, discussing work/life balance and offering employment or advice to other members.

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Requirements for Nanny Share [NANNY SHARE] posts on the PSP Classifieds Group

Looking for a Nanny Share? Read on to learn about making a post to the PSP community and finding the perfect childcare situation for your family.

Please note that you'll need to be a member of our community to make a Nanny Share post. Learn more and find your new support group HERE!

Posting for Friends Who Are Looking for Childcare

Park Slope Parents no longer accepts posts for FRIENDS who are ISO a nanny, babysitter or caregiver. The PSP community management team
strives for transparency, trust and community.  Because of the sensitive nature of caregiver posts, this important component is lost when deferred to affiliation.

Update on Nanny Posts to the Classifieds (September 2012)

September 8, 2012:

Hey All,

This summer has been busy for the Park Slope Parents Nanny moderators.  We've had a number of fraudulent recommendations to the PSP Classifieds (and many more that didn't make it to the list). We've been on the phone with recommenders, shaking the trees for "the real story."  Most recently we had an employer let a nanny go because she realized that the references she had relied on to hire her nanny were fake. It was