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Hashtags 101: Making the PSP Classifieds even better!

The Park Slope Parents Classifieds Group is utilizing HASHTAGS to help folks better manage their experience. Here's how to make it happen, plus the full list of hashtags.

To post to the Classifieds (our Buy/Sell/ISO group for baby gear, nannies, babysitters, real estate, and beyond), you'll need to be a member of Park Slope Parents. Learn more and join us HERE!


Journalists and Market Researchers

Are you a journalist or market researcher? Here's info for you.

PSP Groups Etiquette

Basic community guidelines and etiquette for posting on the Park Slope Parents groups.

Classified Post Guidelines: Buy/ Sell

Please keep these guidelines in mind when making transactions on the PSP Classifieds Group...

Overview of the PSP Groups

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In this article you will find information about how to post to the following groups on Park Slope Parents:

PSP Advice Group

PSP Classifieds Group

PSP Career Networking

PSP Specialty Groups