Here are some of the Classic PSP Threads for a trip down memory lane.

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Being a stay at home parent – the good, the bad, the ugly

Considering stay at home parenting? One parent did at the is the advice they received.


Is Santa Claus real?

The ins and outs of creating (or not creating) the Santa Claus myth.

What Does The Tooth Fairy Do With The Extra Teeth?


What are the 7th Ave Stores and Businesses you LOVE?

PSP members recently shared their favorite local businesses to the Advice List.

Don't forget to shop local when you can, don’t forget to take advantage of the 600+ discounts available as part of your PSP membership, and support our local businesses & community!

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Here are PSP member favorite local spots:

The Brainstorm Behind Sh*! Park Slope Parents Say

PSP helped make a great video (Sh*! Park Slope Parents Say) that hits the nail on the head about so many stereotypes about Park Slope parents. But before the video was an awesome brainstorm and exchange with our members.


Help Raise Money for a Bathroom Attendant at Washington Park, Brooklyn


Last week’s discussion about lack of access to bathrooms at JJ Byrne Playground made it clear that we need more staffing at Washington Park. The first step in this process is hiring a seasonal worker—at a cost of approximately $17,500. Below is a link so you can help make that happen.

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Happy 12th Birthday, PSP!

PSP turned 12 this week! Wow!  12 years of Park Slope Parents! We’ve had some highs and lows, so we thought we’d look back at some of our most memorable moments....


Child Modeling: Origins, Agencies, and Realities

So you have a cute child. So cute, in fact, that strangers tell you your kid should model. You're thinking about it—but where to begin? What is it like being a "Stage Mom"? It is worth it? Parents share where to start, what the casting experience is like, and the realities of child modeling.

Classic Boy's Hat Thread

The full boy's hat thread (identites removed). This post was picked up by New York Magazine, Gawker, and many other outlets-- why? Lots of reasons. Even though it helped 'brand' us as "those" Park Slope Parents it also has laughter, compassion, and lightness along with some of the less than noble aspects!

Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 12:25:27 -0500 (EST)
 Subject: Found: boy's hat


Friday, at the corner of 11th


Jury Duty in Brooklyn

What you need to know about jury duty in Brooklyn - from serving, postponing and more.

To Own or Not To Own A Car in New York

To own a car, or to not own a car in Brooklyn - that is the question...

Primal Ice Cream

As the creators of the smash-hit YouTube video "Sh*t Park Slope Parents Say," and thus the voice of those rare few in Park Slope that are raising children, we feel an obligation to clarify the official Park Slope Parents position regarding the banning of ice cream from said Park.

Pregnant Sloper in Subway Seat Shocker!

When I told friends and coworkers I was pregnant, after congratulations I got one of two responses: “New Yorkers are so nice; I was always offered me a seat.” Alternately, “New Yorkers are so rude; no one ever offered me a seat.” One friend, a problem-solver, said, “I was never offered a seat until I wore a t-shirt that said ‘Future Yankees Fan’, then I always got a seat.” I was tempted to buy a commuting t-shirt but came up with a different idea to


Swingers Posts -- PSP Classic Discussions

A nostalgic look back at the old thread of "swingers"-- a PSP Classic!

Date: Thu Jul 29, 2004 12:41 pm
Subject: something sexy?
We are one of you, a really nice slope couple with kids who occasionally
indulges in some soft swinging. We thought we'd put it out there, if there
are other folks who might be curious about this. We are not part of what
they call the