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Top Twenty Baby on the Beach Tips





Swimsuit – depending on the age, either a float suit with adjustable buoyancy or “puddle-jumper” floaties
Rashguard – longer-sleeved suits that protect best from sun
Sun Hat – with tie and long back
Beach Towels (2/child) – reserve one for an end-of-the-beach-day-scrub
Sunscreen (check the use-by date and get a baby-friendly one)**
Swim diapers (even if kids don’t go in the water these are good)
Water bottle/cup – Yeti or Thinkbaby make good ones
Washable Beach Bag with wet bags or large Ziplocs
Bucket – good for transporting items (including drinks and ice) to the beach and then for beach play 



Driving Alone With Baby

Are you nervous to drive alone with a baby? 

As one young parent shares:  "Starting soon I'm going to be taking several short road trips alone with my child. Before having kids, I found myself in a few accidents that were my fault--never have been hurt but did some damage to the car. I haven't been driving in the city (where I find drivers far crazier than in other cities) in several years and not since having my child. I'm nervous about driving with them, especially because they'll be in the back seat and I'll want to glance back if they're crying. Anyone else have nerves about driving with babies? Have good tips to get over it?"

driving alone with baby



13 tips to protect your credit card

Park Slope Parents members share their tips for keeping credit cards safe. 

protect your credit card



Road Trip Diversions

You are getting to go on a road trip. 8, 10, 16 hours long and wondering what you can do to keep the little ones occupied? Here are tips from parents about how to fill the hours, and days, in the car.

Road Trip Diversions



Unaccompanied Minor: Kids flying solo

PSP members talk about when their children flew without a parent - domestic and international travel advice included.

Kids Flying Solo option 1



Strollers on Airplanes

Advice about taking a stroller on the airplane.

2007 report child plane



Car Seats on the Airplane

All you need to know about taking a car seat on an airplane.  From the pros and cons to help you decide if you should bring a car seat through to what to do if you decide to bring it on board and what brands to buy, PSP has it covered!

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Jet Lag and Kids

Help for getting your little ones back on track during and after travel.  And there are some useful tips for grown ups in here too!




Passport Information

 Information about how to get your child a passport for travel.

Passport Information



Motion sickness? How to help kids who get car sick (includes general tips for motion sickness, including airplane sickness)

Help for little ones whose tummies don't like car rides and airplanes.  Here are the tips and rules of of tackling and managing motion sickness.

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What to Pack: for the KIDS

A list of general reminders about what NOT to forget when packing for the Kids.

What to Pack



General Advice about Airplane Travel with Kids

General advice from Park Slope Parents' members on airplane travel with children including airline rules and regulations, sleeping and the essentials to bring with you on board.


(image via Wikimedia Commons here)



Travel Toys and Activities - for the PLANE

Recommended Toys/ Activities/ Games from PSP Members from over the years that are easy to pack and provide hours of fun guaranteed keep the little ones occupied when travelling on the plane!


Looking for toys and activities the CAR? Read our Road Trip Diversion tips here.



What To Do Checklist: BEFORE You Travel

What to do before departing a trip with Kids....

What to Do Checklist



Flying with Baby

Parents share some advice about traveling and flying with a little baby. In this article:

General advice

Long-haul advice

Wondering how to deal with Jet Lag? Read the PSP article HERE that deals specifically with how to help babies/kids adjust to a new time zone.




That’s So 200 Years Ago

Thinking about taking the family on an American history-themed getaway? Here's one parent's rave review of Old Colonial Williamsburg, Mystic Seaport and Sturbridge Village. Be sure to also consult PSP travel recommendations here.

Thats So 200 Years Ago



Vacation Secret-- Shhhh!

 Thinking about taking the family to Florida? One parent highly recommends it! Also see our recommendations for travel destinations here.


Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens, Tampa Florida



Grab a Sweater and Head to the North Fork

Another recommendation for an easy to get to travel destination in New York! Here is one review of visiting North Fork.  Be sure to consult our travel recommendation section here for more advice on where to go.

Grab a Sweater and Head to the North Fork



Before You Go, Checklists for Traveling With Kids

A comprehensive list for all you need to do before you leave on vacation and what you need to pack when traveling with kids.

Before You Go Checklists for Traveling with Kids



Tips to traveling light

When it's travel season there is always the perennial questions about baby gear—namely, do I really have to schlep all this stuff with me on the plane and if so how do I do it?—are popping up on the PSP list-serv.
Tips to traveling light



"Staycation" Cheats: Best Kid-Friendly Day Trips

Here's a cheat sheet for some local staycation travel spots close to Brooklyn.  And be sure to browse our travel recommendation section here for other nearby places to take the kids to!

Staycation Cheats



Finding Couple Time in the Family Vacation

Summer vacation time is in full swing and as much as you’re looking forward to getting away with your kids, you probably can’t help wishing for the opportunity get away from your kids, too, at least for a little while. It’s not easy, but it is possible to squeeze grown-up time into the corners of your family vacation. Here are a few things that have worked for us.

Finding Couple Time in the Family Vacation



Fall Weekends Away

Looking for a Fall Getaway close to New York? Here are some suggestions.  Be sure to also consult our recommendation pages for travel spots here.

fall weekends away




It’s that time of year when far-away relatives start clamoring for you to hop in your car or on a plane to come visit—again. They seem oblivious to the headaches of holiday travel and can’t believe your kids would want to spend the holidays in New York City (with their friends, in their own home) when they could be back wherever you’re from.

Holiday Travel option 1



Thinking about a Winter Getaway?!

Below are some suggestions for a Winter Getaway the whole family can enjoy.  Be sure to also consult our specific travel recommendation here.

Thinking about a Winter Getaway final



How To Book a Hotel Room that will be Kid & Family Friendly

Tips for what to look for and ask about when booking a hotel with babies and kids.

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NYC Airport Tips

All you need to know about New York City’s Airports

Getting to NYC’s airports can sometimes feel like the most overwhelming part of the trip. Just navigating the different options can feel hard.  From subways to car services, the Long Island Railroad, shuttles, routes and even parking options – we’ve pulled together the tips local parents shared about getting to the airport.    

NYC Airport Tips   



Inside the Park Slope Parents Travel Section

 Whether you are planning a weekend away or a big family vacation abroad, Park Slope Parents has you covered!  With packing lists, games to bring and tips like how to book a kid friendly hotel room, what it's like to breastfeed/pump when flying, how to bring a stroller on the plane and even how to park your car at JFK, PSP (hopefully) answers all you need to know to make your trip & travels as stress free as possible!

Inside the PSP Travel Section



Top 10 Frequently Asked Travel Questions

x Top 10 Frequently Asked Travel Questions

Where to find the answers to your most frequently asked travel questions...




Your FAQs about Kids and Travel

Going on vacation? Lucky you! Here is advice from PSP parents about kids and travel...

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15 Tips for Travelling Alone with the Kids

Traveling can feel especially stressful when you are doing it alone with little kids. Parents share tips of how they managed it.




Tips About Pumping While Traveling and Flying with Breast Milk

All you need to know about traveling while pumping and flying with breast milk. From security, to the gate, up in the air and even on the way back - Park Slope moms share their experiences about flying with breast milk and pumping (plus tips for alternatives to breastmilk). Includes advice from some of our amazing working moms about what they did when they had to travel for business!


baby-2354571 640



Parking while on vacation

While owning a car in New York City has many advantages, one of its disadvantage is parking - and dealing with alternative street parking, especially when you gone for a long period of time and won't be around to move it. What do you do? Here are PSP member tips for parking while on vacation.  293754573 39fceaae82 z



What to Pack: for the PLANE

Wondering what to bring on board?  Get plane ready with these items to bring on the flight!




How To Get Your Child To Sleep On the Plane

Tips for getting the little one to snooze on board...




What To Pack: PARENTS

We are so focused on our little ones that sometimes we forget about ourselves and what to remember!  Here is a Packing List for us Parents of things to remember! 

what to pack parents



What to Pack: for BABY

Are you wondering what should you bring when traveling with a baby? Park Slope Parents has you covered with this comprehensive checklist.

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A Weekend Trip to the Hudson Valley

Weekend Trip to Hudson Valley:

We took the Metro North train from Grand Central Station to Poughkeepsie on Saturday morning with our two-year-old daughter. (Family Fare is $1.00 per ticket for up to 4 children aged 5 - 11.) We played almost three hours (right through nap-time!) at the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum which is a 5-minute walk from the train station and easily doable with the stroller even with some snow on the ground. The museum is $10.00/person (free for children under one or members). The Coffee Bean Café, a coffee shop with decent sandwiches and kid’s menu options, is right across from the train. We grabbed a quick lunch there after the museum.

weekend trip to the hudson valley



Traveling with a Car Seat

Advice for traveling with a car seat - at the destination. While parens discussed Bermuda specifically, but there is advice here for other curious parents traveling to other destinations. For advice about flying with a car seat, read what PSP recommends HERE.

cuba-1638594 640



Successful Road Tripping with a Newborn

Does the idea of packing an infant into a fast-moving metal object for a six-hour stretch on a noisy highway fill you with dread? Well, then you’re probably a reasonable human—but PSP members have tips to help you make the drive and come out the other side.


pexels-anastasia-shuraeva-4100813 1



Visiting Washington DC with Tweens and Teens

Parents share what to do and see in Washington DC with Tween and Teen kids.

Photo caption: The Air & Space Museum got a lot of thumbs up from PSP parents. Photo courtesy of the Smithsonian Institute



Don't be a Traffic Turkey this Thanksgiving

Tips for traveling in and out of New York and the 'Slope over the Thanksgiving period.




Frozen Breast Milk: Shipping and Traveling With it

PSP members share advice about frozen breast milk, from shipping it to packing and traveling with it.

heart-1986609 640