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Medical Reminders and Updates

As we get ready for fall, it’s time to make sure that everyone’s health care maintenance is up to date.






It might feel tough to keep connected when you’re at home. You might not know what to do with yourself, or feel lost. Maybe we can turn those feelings into something better, a day of reflection, home activities, or a call to (virtual) action! We’re currently compiling a list of resources for these times of social isolation connection. We’re talking virtual sing-a-longs, crafts, health resources, breathing videos, yoga classes, as well as links to lists compiled by others. 

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Have A Nanny? Here's some HELP in getting through Coronavirus

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Denise and Samantha, 2004


Below is a letter from our Founder and President, Susan Fox, posted to our Listserv and shared here for the benefit of our community.




Hey All,


I’ve been in touch with the folks from the Carroll Gardens Nanny Association. They had a meeting with nannies who are part of their organization. I wanted to share some of their concerns, as well as some issues that have come up on Park Slope Parents:


  • Will I be paid if my employer deems that I shouldn’t come to work? How about if I don’t think it’s safe to come to work?  Will pay come out of my paid time off (if I have any to begin with) or vacation time? 
  • Will my employer pay for transportation (uber, lyft) if they don’t want me to travel on the subway?  Will they pick me up if they have a car?
  • If my employer-family self-quarantines will I also be expected to self-quarantine?  
  • If I’m working for two families part-time, how will I be expected to cover more hours for one or both families due to kids being home from school? Is a nanny share a possibility and how will that work?
  • Is it reasonable to be asked to bring a change of clothes to my employer’s house and shower when I get to work?
  • Will the family have food in the house so I don’t have to go out and get groceries?
  • If schools closes, is it okay for me to bring my child to work?  How will I get to work?  Will I be expected to pay for my travel if I have to bring my child?
  • What happens if my family is unable to pay me because of their own loss of work?  Are they going to help me find a new job if they can no longer afford to pay me? What will happen?
  • If I’m asked to take care of another family’s children along with my current family am I allowed to say, “no”? Will I be compensated?
  • If schools close and I’m taking care of more children than usual will I get a break?
  • What happens if I get sick but have no paid time-off saved? Will I still get paid?
  • How will I be compensated if I am asked to work additional hours for my family (part time to full time, more overtime hours)?
  • Will I be expected to take care of a child with coronavirus? How will I be protected?



2-year-old difficulty gaining weight

A PSP member writes: "Our daughter is just over two years old and has had issues gaining weight for the last six months. She has always been around 5th percentile in weight but since her 1.5 year check up it has been off the chart, as in her weight is too low to determine the percentile..."




Choosing a Pediatrician/Doctor for your Child

Advice about choosing the right pediatrician/doctor for your child.

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