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Have A Nanny? Here's some HELP in getting through Coronavirus

Denise and Samantha, 2004

Below is a letter from our Founder and President, Susan Fox, posted to our Listserv and shared here for the benefit of our community.


Hey All,

I’ve been in touch with the folks from the Carroll Gardens Nanny Association. They had a meeting with nannies who are part of their organization. I wanted to share some of their concerns, as well as some issues that have


Doc Fox's Lessons for Better Communication

Some of you might not know that Founder Susan Fox has her Ph. D. in Communication (from a gazillion years ago). She still teaches a graduate level Interpersonal Communication Course at NYU every so often and at the end of the semester I hand out a documnet called, "Doc Fox's Lessons for Better Communication."

When she mentions it to people they say they'd love to see it. So here it is; raw, un-prettied up, and for your knowledge. So come sit


The 2019 Nanny Pay and Benefits Survey Results are In!

The 2019 data is here! PSP conducted its 7th survey of employers who employ a nanny. These results are based on 870 parents from Brooklyn who employ live-out nannies who are not part of a nanny share.

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Changing Nanny's Job Description and Figuring Out What To Do With Nanny When the Kids Transition to School

It's inevitable that your childcare needs will change as your kids grow older or work schedules change. But what can you do to still keep your nanny? According to PSP Nanny Survey Data, only 12% of nannies transition into the afterschool pick up. Here are some words of wisdom from PSP members who have changed their nanny's job description over time.

This article contains advice from two discussions on the PSP advice forum. One from 2014, and


PSP Guides Library

Park Slope Parents has more than a dozen PSP Guides—comprehensive resources compiled from crowdsourced and expert wisdom to help you through all stages of the parenting journey.

The PSP Guides Library is available at a reduced price to PSP members, and non-members can also purchase guides for a small fee. If you're a parent in Brooklyn who wants access to all of the guides at reduced cost, plus dozens of forums tailored to your parenting


The Park Slope Parents Guide to Finding an After School Nanny/ After School Babysitter

The Park Slope Parents After School Nanny Guide explores how to secure regular part-time help (typically M-F 3-7pm schedules).

The 2012 Babysitter Survey Data is HERE!

The results of the 2012 Babysitter Survey is here! 





Separation Anxiety with Baby: Adjusting to Nanny

Working moms talk about how their baby adjusted to nanny and overcoming baby’s separation anxiety.


First Day With The Nanny

Parents share how they made the first few days with their nanny a flying success.

Paying Your Nanny: Pay Basics

This article contains data on nanny wages data from PSP’s 2019 Nanny Survey. Please make concessions for higher pay  Here we map out the typical pay practices, including PSP community standards and FAQS from our members.

How To Search for Nannies on the PSP Classifieds


To search for nannies on the PSP Classifieds you'll need to be a member of our group. Join HERE.

We have over 100 groups on Park Slope parents, but all our CHILDCARE posts are featured on the PSP Classifieds Group. This is where you can access all our nanny posts. 

Once you are on the Classifieds Group,  you can search the hashtag #CHILDCARE


FAQs about the Nanny Relationship

Frequently asked questions about the nanny relationship, answered.

All Things Nannies and Babysitters

Summer's end means changing childcare needs for many of us, whether hiring a nanny or moving on from a current nanny is on the horizon. Whatever your situation, we have tons of information to guide you as you make the best choices for your family.

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What to Pay Your Nanny Overnight

This article looks at what PSP members pay their nanny when they need childcare overnight. You will find what members revealed in the most recent Nanny Survey (2015) and shared across our groups.

The Park Slope Parents Nanny Work Agreement

Park Slope Parents strongly advises that parents hiring a Nanny should implement a Work Agreement in their Nanny arrangement. Having a Work Agreement can save a lot of trouble that could have been avoided and is useful not just for you as an employer but also for your Nanny as an employee. Our Nanny Survey data reveals that one of the main things parents wish they had done differently was to have some kind of written agreement with their


How to End the Nanny Relationship Positively

What to do when you must end the Nanny relationship - on a good note!  You have a GREAT situation with your Nanny.  But because of schedule changes, school starting, or a big MOVE -  here's advice from parents who have ended the Nanny Relationship positively and healthily.

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Inside PSP's Guide to Hiring a Nanny

The Park Slope Parents Guide to Hiring a Nanny is an amalgamation of best-practices, insights and honest expressions culled from years of experience by a diverse group of parents who have all been where you are now.



Firing Your Nanny

This article talks through the ins and outs of what you need to know and the steps you need to take for terminating your caregiver.

Hiring A Male Babysitter (or Manny)

The pros and cons of hiring a male babysitter...

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Nanny Recommendations

A few words to remind you about PSP's due dilligence when posting Nanny references.

Requirements for Nanny Posts [CHILDCARE] on the PSP Classifieds Group

If you want to post a message to our PSP Classifieds Group, here are the steps to make it happen.

Please note that you'll need to be a member of our community to post to the Classifieds. Learn more and find your new support group HERE!

PSP Statement about Hiring Nannies

A few words to remind you about what due dilligence you need to take when hiring your Nanny.

Helping Your Nanny Find a NEW Job

It's time to move on. Schedules have changed, the kids are starting school, or you've decided to be a stay at home parent. Whatever the reason, here are The Top Ten Tips for helping your great nanny find an equally great new family!

Looking for support in all stages of the parenting journey, comprehensive guides to starting and ending nanny relationships, access to our Classifieds, dozens of specialty groups for your interests and identities,


HELP with your Nanny Taxes has arrived!

All the steps you need to know to comply with New York State and Federal laws concerning payroll, overtime, taxes and more with your Nanny

The Park Slope Parents' Nanny Pay and Benefits Survey Results

Over the years, Park Slope Parents has asked hundreds of local families about their Nannies. From average salary through to vacation, job duties and more - find out what you can expect and offer your Nanny in the 'hood.

The PSP Guide To Hiring a Nanny/Babysitter: Step 5: HOW can I make this a great working relationship?

Learn about doing doing due diligence and the precautions you need to take - both before you hire and on the job.


The PSP Guide To Hiring a Nanny/Babysitter: Step 4: HOW can we seal the deal?

This section talks you through making a final decision, final offer, and orienting your new nanny.


The PSP Guide To Hiring a Nanny/Babysitter: Step 3: WHO’s it going to be?

This section talks you through all you need to know about interviewing nanny candidates on the references.

Paying a Nanny/Babysitter on the Books

Step-by-step instructions and web links for paying your nanny or other household employee on the books.


The PSP Guide To Hiring a Nanny/Babysitter: Step 2: WHERE can you find Mary Poppins?

This section covers the search process including where to look for a nanny, how to write and post an effective ad and narrowing down the initial candidates.


The PSP Guide To Hiring a Nanny/Babysitter: Step 1: WHAT do I want, WHAT can I expect and WHAT will it cost me?

Based on the feedback of its membership of over 5,000 families strong, the Park Slope Parents Guide to Hiring a Nanny is an amalgamation of best-practices, insights and honest expressions culled from years of experience by a diverse group of parents who have all been where you are now. 

Hiring a nanny means you are embarking on an employer/employee relationship. Let Park Slope Parents, with its 15 years of experience, guide you through out the