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Refusing to Nap at Daycare

Is your toddler refusing to nap at Daycare? Parents share their tips of how they handled this situation.

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Changing Nanny's Job Description and Figuring Out What To Do With Nanny When the Kids Transition to School

It's inevitable that your childcare needs will change as your kids grow older or work schedules change. But what can you do to still keep your nanny? According to PSP Nanny Survey Data, only 12% of nannies transition into the afterschool pick up. Here are some words of wisdom from PSP members who have changed their nanny's job description over time.

This article contains advice from two discussions on the PSP advice forum. One from 2014, and


The PSP Guide to Occasional/Date Night Babysitters

In the market for an occasional sitter? Park Slope Parents has a guide with all the tools you need to handle the search process, monetary aspects, etiquette, and more!


The PSP Podding Guide

Thinking through creating childcare solutions with two (or more) families to help reduce costs, get childcare coverage, and create opportunities for safer socialization will take some planning. Park Slope Parents to the rescue!

Planning on outdoor activities with your pod this winter? Check out our article on Dressing Kids for Outdoor School & Play!



Doulas, Nannies, and Beyond: Choosing the Right Type of Care for Your Family

Doulas, night nannies, and baby nurses, oh my! While the wealth of postnatal care options in Brooklyn is wonderful, it can also leave you with option paralysis. Below, find info on the distinctions between different types of caregivers.



What To Do With The Nanny When The Family Gets Sick

What do you do with your nanny when the whole family gets sick? Here, PSP members share how they handled it.

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How to handle a sick kid and childcare

Coughs and sniffles, fevers and colds. Your kid is sick and how do you determine when they are too sick to go to daycare with a nasty cold or another common bug? How do you handle back-up childcare if you have to miss multiple days of work? How do you negotiate which partner stays home, especially when one or both partners has the kind of job that can't really be done from home?

Adjusting to Daycare: Dealing With Acclimatization Problems

Are you having a tough time with your little one starting daycare? From new routines to new people, it can be tough! One mom asks her baby group about dealing with these adjustment issues.

The Park Slope Parents Guide to Finding an After School Nanny/ After School Babysitter

The Park Slope Parents After School Nanny Guide explores how to secure regular part-time help (typically M-F 3-7pm schedules).

The PSP Guide to Starting a Preschool Co-op

The PSP Guide to Starting a Preschool Co-op

(download the PDF version HERE)

Guidelines For Babysitting Co-op Bylaws

A babysitting co-op works best when clear guidelines are in place for all participating members. We suggest creating bylaws for your co-op. Here are our suggestions for areas the bylaws should address although your co-op may choose to adopt more or less.


How to Start a Babysitting Co-op

Here are some general tips and ideas to get you started on forming a Babysitting Co-op.

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The PSP Guide to Securing Backup/ Emergency/ Last Minute Childcare

Uh oh. You’ve found yourself needing unexpected childcare. Maybe your nanny or babysitter has just called in sick or you are a freelancer and a job just came in at short notice. Or something else has come up and you find yourself needing a babysitter. What can you do?  

The 2012 Babysitter Survey Data is HERE!

The results of the 2012 Babysitter Survey is here! 





Commuting Into Manhattan for Daycare

Stay local for childcare, or take the kids on the subway?  Here are some words of experience.


Can working parents realistically pick up their children from daycare/preschool at 6pm?

A PSP member asks the group how working parents can realistically pick up children from daycare by 6pm.  Members share their experiences of how they manage busy work schedules with strict pick up times.


Dealing with After School Guilt

Parents talk about putting their children in after school programs, and how to help a kiddo who might feel lonely or left out because of it.