Homeschooling during Coronavirus: Top Tips for Staying Sane

“Been homeschooling a 6-year old and 8-year old for one hour and 11 minutes,” Shonda Rhimes wrote on Twitter at the start of quarantine. “Teachers deserve to make a billion dollars a year. Or a week.” And that was on March 16—now more than a month in the past, although to many parents struggling to adapt to the demands of remote learning, it feels, much, MUCH longer. We hope these tips and words of advice sourced from the PSP community will

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Remote Learning Strategies for Parents

A week of remote learning has come and gone, leaving a city full of exhausted parents and restless kids in its wake. Homeschooling is a daunting prospect at any time, and especially when you’ve got about 100,000 other things on your mind—from quarantine concerns to caring for sick loved ones to managing your own work-from-home schedule or coping with sudden unemployment. We hope these top tips from Katharine Hill, M.S., M.A.T., will offer some

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Have A Nanny? Here's some HELP in getting through Coronavirus

Denise and Samantha, 2004

Below is a letter from our Founder and President, Susan Fox, posted to our Listserv and shared here for the benefit of our community.


Hey All,

I’ve been in touch with the folks from the Carroll Gardens Nanny Association. They had a meeting with nannies who are part of their organization. I wanted to share some of their concerns, as well as some issues that have


Doc Fox's Lessons for Better Communication

Some of you might not know that Founder Susan Fox has her Ph. D. in Communication (from a gazillion years ago). She still teaches a graduate level Interpersonal Communication Course at NYU every so often and at the end of the semester I hand out a documnet called, "Doc Fox's Lessons for Better Communication."

When she mentions it to people they say they'd love to see it. So here it is; raw, un-prettied up, and for your knowledge. So come sit


The 2019 Nanny Pay and Benefits Survey Results are In!

The 2019 data is here! PSP conducted its 7th survey of employers who employ a nanny. These results are based on 870 parents from Brooklyn who employ live-out nannies who are not part of a nanny share.

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Refusing to Nap at Daycare

Is your toddler refusing to nap at Daycare? Parents share their tips of how they handled this situation.


Afternoon Naps and Pre-School/ Daycare

PSP members talk about how to handle sleep schedules at daycare and preschool.

Need help navigating the early childhood education process? We've got you covered with the PSP Guide to Finding and Securing Daycare and the PSP Guide to Finding and Securing Preschool, which feature application advice, tips compiled from PSP members, and much more—AND they're available to members at a reduced price. Check out our Guides Library HERE

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Changing Nanny's Job Description and Figuring Out What To Do With Nanny When the Kids Transition to School

It's inevitable that your childcare needs will change as your kids grow older or work schedules change. But what can you do to still keep your nanny? According to PSP Nanny Survey Data, only 12% of nannies transition into the afterschool pick up. Here are some words of wisdom from PSP members who have changed their nanny's job description over time.

This article contains advice from two discussions on the PSP advice forum. One from 2014, and


The Work-from-Home Parent’s Guide to Finding a Nanny

Looking for a nanny is always an involved process, and if you work from home full-time, there are additional considerations to factor in. Here, you’ll find experiences from WFH parents who have successfully navigated the hiring process.

No matter your working situation, be sure to review the PSP Guide to Hiring a Nanny for help with all steps of the process—from posting an ISO ad to welcoming your new nanny into your home.

Wisdom from our 2022 Early Childhood Education Survey

Each year, Park Slope Parents members contribute their reviews for their kids’ daycares, preschools, and pre-k facilities to help fellow families who are considering where to enroll their children. If you’re in the thick of the research and application process, read on for members’ answers to the question: “What advice would you give to people who are researching and choosing a program for their kids?”

Looking for more support on everything


PSP Guides Library

Park Slope Parents has more than a dozen PSP Guides—comprehensive resources compiled from crowdsourced and expert wisdom to help you through all stages of the parenting journey.

The PSP Guides Library is available at a reduced price to PSP members, and non-members can also purchase guides for a small fee. If you're a parent in Brooklyn who wants access to all of the guides at reduced cost, plus dozens of forums tailored to your parenting

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Wisdom from our 2021 Early Childhood Education Survey

Each year, Park Slope Parents members contribute their reviews for their kids’ daycares, preschools, and pre-k facilities to help fellow families who are considering where to enroll their children. If you’re in the thick of the research and application process, read on for members’ answers to the question: “What advice would you give to people who are researching and choosing a program for their kids?”

Looking for more support on everything

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Insights into ICT: What to Expect in the Classroom

According to the NYC DOE, classrooms with Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) services include students with IEPs and students without IEPs. No more than 12 (or 40 percent) of the students in the class can have IEPs.

There are two teachers—a general education teacher and a special education teacher. The teachers work together to adapt materials and modify instruction to make sure the entire class can participate.

If your child has been placed in an

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The PSP Guide to Public School: Kindergarten Edition

The kindergarten application process can be daunting. Park Slope Parents is here to guide the way, with input from special guest and NYC school expert Joyce Szuflita—“the borough’s long-established doyenne of the business”—of NYC School Help.


Life Hacks for Handling Remote Learning

Summer went by in the blink of an eye, and our kids are once again sequestered behind their screens. As we navigate another semester of remote (and hybrid) learning, our resourceful PSP members have offered up some life hacks to make your days run a little smoother.



PSP Decision-Making During COVID, for Parents of Babies & Toddlers

Park Slope Parents recently hosted a webinar with Samuel Jeannite, PsyD, and Mandi White-Ajmani, PhD, of Small Brooklyn Psychology. Dr. Sam and Dr. Mandi shared some insight on acknowledging the realities of Covid-19, approaching the decision-making process, and reaching a conclusion that works for your family.

Read on for their wisdom—and to get access to more webinars like these, join Park Slope Parents HERE!


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Returning to Childcare & Learning: Lessons

Our Park Slope Parents groups have been talking through sending kids back to childcare. Discussions have centered upon how to deal with separation anxiety after so many months of close contact, precautions childcare facilities are taking, and how to prepare your child for reentry. We even had a webinar with a Manhattan-based childcare facility, Vivvi, about the transition back. Read on for key takeaways!


Early Grade Application Process for 2012-13

Information on the Pre-K, K and 1st grade enrollment process for 2012/13

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Tipping Summer Camp Counselors

Your child has finished a week or more at a summer camp.  What (if anything) do you do when it comes to saying farewell to the counselors that kept your kids busy & happy. This article offers advice on tipping summer camp counselors from neighborhood parents.

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Choosing a Sleep Away Camp

Parents agree: sleep-away camps are some of the best ways to increase your child's self-reliance, problem-solving skills, and love for the great outdoors! Not to mention getting them off your iPad. But not every camp is for everyone—here are some tips on how to find your kid the perfect camp! 

Also, check out our summer sleep-away camp recommendation section.


Packing for College - Master List from a Rising Senior

Packing for college can be a daunting task. Here's a master list of stuff to bring, refined over the past three years by PSP's resident rising college senior!

Not yet a member of PSP? It's never too late—we're here from you from the expectant months to the college years and beyond. Join us here!

PSP College Admissions 101: Key Takeaways for Parents of Teens

Deena Maerowitz, Principal, College and Graduate School Advising at The Bertram Group, joined Park Slope Parents for a webinar on College Admissions 101: What, When & How. Read on for wisdom from Deena—and to connect with other families going through the college process through our PSP Tweens & Teens Group, join Park Slope Parents today!

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Managing Transition, Back-To-School During Covid: A PSP Coping Webinar

Park Slope Parents hosted a Coping Webinar with Dr. Nanika Coor on managing the transition to school (whatever that looks like)for our kids. Here are some notes and resources that came out of her webinar.

Dr. Coor started with a reminder to hold space for ourselves and for what we have been through over the past five months; it’s a lot. There’s more to come, but being mindful of what we’ve endured and how we’ve been successful so far (even if it

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Tips for Kids Who REALLY Don't Want to Go to School

Kind words and practical advice for parents whose kids would rather do anything than go to school in the morning.


School Lunch and Snack Ideas

As one PSP Member writes: "my son is starting Kindergarten this fall after having been in a preschool / day care that took care of all of his meals every day. He's used to having hot, healthy meals which basically consist of rice / noodles and a protein and a vegetable (like a stir fry type of thing). Now I have to start making him lunch and I'm not sure where to start..." 

The Tradition of Out to Lunch at PS 321

PSP members talk about the benefits (and the few potential drawbacks) PS 321 of off-campus lunch.

January 2014 Kindergarten Admissions Update


If you live in New York City and your child is turning five years old in 2014, your child is eligible to attend Kindergarten in September 2014.

Below are important dates and resources to guide you through the application process. 

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Thinking about Homeschooling?

Read what some of our members are saying about homeschooling...

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Daycares, Preschools, and Pre-K: the Difference

The difference between preschools and daycares has become increasingly blurred. There is now a lot of similarities in programing, structure, and childcare. Many preschools mirror play based learning typical of daycares. Vice versa, daycares now offer more educational structure. Throw Pre-K into the mix, and it can get even more confusing - especially in Park Slope where early child care centers line the city’s blocks.

Here, PSP breaks it down

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School Report Cards

An interesting thread in response to school report cards.

Help for Preschool Drop-Off for Toddlers

Separation anxiety is natural—but if your preschooler is turning on the waterworks at drop-off, could that mean their school isn’t a good fit? Read member experiences and advice below.

Not yet a member of Park Slope Parents? Join us to find solidarity from your new support group!

The PSP Guide to Preparing Your Child for School

The beginning of school is a wonderful, albeit sometimes scary, time for kids. Park Slope Parents members have shared wisdom and tips for how to prepare them and pull off a smooth transition—and the nine-page guide is available to the PSP community for free!