Favorite Lunar New Year Picture Books

What’s the PSP Chinese Group talking about this week? Our parents have some recommendations for the best Lunar New Year picture books. Put in your order now to keep the festivities going!

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Book Recs for All Ages from the PSP Community

Summer is on its way, and lazy, hot days are the perfect time to wile away the hours with a good book. We’re collecting recommendations from PSP members on books for various age groups, so here are some time-tested titles to expand your little ones’ minds, cure boredom, and nurture a lifelong love of reading.


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Gender and Sexuality Resources

Below, you’ll find resources to help you support LGBTQI+ kids, educate yourself on gender and sexuality, and help your young ones discover the wide range of identities that may describe them.

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50 Books For Young Kids With A Compelling Father Character

PSP members talk about books for young kids with a compelling father character.


With Little Kids: Ideas for Family Movie Night!

What to watch with your little ones on family movie night!

Also check out our page with Marvelous Movies for 3s and 4s.

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Philadelphia Story

Movies Your Kids Should See to Better Understand their Parents!

Go here for an updated and expanded version:

Family Movie Night: Tween/Teen Edition

Family Movie Night: Tween/Teen Edition

Looking for a movie the whole family—even the persnickety tweens and teens in your household—will enjoy? Here are recs from PSP members!

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Marvelous Movies for 3s and 4s

Need to switch up your cinematic rotation? Park Slope Parents members have ideas for movies that are sure to be a hit with the three-to-four-year old set—including a few that might just be equally loved by parents.

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Books for Kids and Tweens About the Birds and the Bees

Got a tween who’s starting to ask some questions about sex, puberty, and all of that good stuff that comes with growing up? PSP members have the book recs you need to help educate your kids in the most age-appropriate, not-scary way possible.

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Terrific TV Shows for Toddlers of All Ages and Genders

One PSP member on our 3s group asks: “I am looking through PBS Kids to find the next show to get my daughter hooked on, but I'm noticing that the characters tend to be boys or are all pink and girly.” Our media-savvy members came to the rescue with high-quality kids shows that feature girl characters without reinforcing stereotypes. Read on for the recs!

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Children's Books with a Positive, Feminist Message

"My daughter has asked for books for her birthday. I am trying to find some books that highlight girls/women and all we can do. Or positive messages to help spread love and hope right now. There are so many (and some aren't that on point--Not all Princesses Wear Pink was disappointing)."

Update: the second half of this article now includes recommendations for children's books with characters who do not conform to gender stereotypes.

Here are


Fun - and some Funny - Books to Read

PSP members share fun - and some funny - books to read with your kids and tween.


Current Events Magazines and Websites Appropriate For Tweens

Your tweenager is curious about current events. Here, parents share some of the news outlets that explain current events in an educational, engaging and appropriate way for a tween.

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Books to Get Kids Excited About a Trip to the Beach and Sea

As one PSP member asks: “Might anyone have any favorite books about going to the beach and taking a plane ride for their toddler? Our son recently developed a fear of the ocean, and we are also taking a plane ride soon and would like to start warming him up about the experience.”

Check out the recs below!

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Life after Harry Potter: Fun Fiction for Tweens & Teens

Reading IS fun! Parents share book their kids have enjoyed...


Classic Movies You Want your Tween to See While They Are Tweens

Go here for an updated and expanded version:

Family Movie Night: Tween/Teen Edition

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Educating Our Kids and Ourselves on Anti-Asian Racism

A round-up of podcasts, articles, and resources shared by PSP members to help you educate yourself and your family on the legacy of anti-Asian racism in the United States and how we can move forward.


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teens protesting

Anti-Racism Resources for Tweens, Teens, and their Parents

A curated list of movies, books, and resources to help families of tweens and teens educate and engage.

Books About All The Different Kinds Of Wonderful Families

Here is a recommendended list of books for kids that feature all types of wonderful families.  If you have any you would like to add, email us at hello@parkslopeparents.

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How to tell children they were conceived through IVF?

Was your child conceived through IVF? Here, members discusses their children where they came from.