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Terrific TV Shows for Kids of All Genders

One PSP member on our 3s group asks: “I am looking through PBS Kids to find the next show to get my daughter hooked on, but I'm noticing that the characters tend to be boys or are all pink and girly.” Our media-savvy members came to the rescue with high-quality kids shows that feature girl characters without reinforcing stereotypes. Read on for the recs!





Fantastic farms for family fun

Craving some oinks, moos, and baaaa’s on your next family outing? Read on for PSP members’ advice on the best city-accessible spots to commune with some barnyard buddies.


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Beaching during Coronavirus: Member Recommendations

Considering a day trip to the shore, but not interested in being jostled by hordes of maskless sunbathers? Before you make your getaway, read on for member reports and recommendations on the most and least crowded beaches.

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Fun in the Age of Coronavirus: Playground Safety Reminders

After a dismally empty three months, NYC’s beloved playgrounds are once again up and running—but in the Covid era, even typically carefree activities like swinging from the monkey bars require an extra level of caution. These top tips can help keep your kids safe and keep you sane.

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The PSP Guide to Socially Distanced Fun

Even with our city moving through the phases of reopening, heading out for a far-flung vacation is likely not in the cards this year. Fortunately, as the warm weather continues, our local area presents plenty of possibilities for fall festivities. Below, check out PSP’s recs for lockdown-friendly fun. And for a crash course on planning an awesome distanced meetup, download the PSP Socially Distanced Meetup Tip Sheet!

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Safe social distancing in the park! Image source: Wikimedia Commons