Miscarriage, Bereavement & Loss

Browse these articles for advice, resources, and support offered by PSP members, and also visit this grief resources page from Bereaved Families of Ontario for websites, books, videos, podcasts, and meditations to help you or someone close to you through a difficult time.


Advice for after a miscarriage

 Summary of what to do for a dear friend who miscarried in her second trimester.



Encouragement after Multiple Miscarriages

Encouragement for someone who has had more than one miscarriage.




Helping Others Through Tough Times

It really sucks when a friend is going through something incredibly challenging like an illness, miscarriage/still born, or the death of a family member. You want to help but don't know how. Here are suggestions from Park Slope Parents about ways to help others.

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Support Available for Miscarriage, Bereavement and Loss

From support groups and organizations to websites dedicated to the loss of a baby, here are some folks who can help you through these difficult times.

To view resources for perinatal loss and stillbirth specifically, please visit our page on Support for Perinatal Loss; and for more wisdom from PSP members, read through Advice for after a miscarriage.

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Books About Grief

A PSP member asks: "The memorial is next week. The social worker recommended I peruse the book store for books on grief. Does anyone have any books on grief to recommend?"



Support for the Loss of a Newborn (Perinatal Loss)

Our PSP members have shared resources to help you manage the pain of losing a newborn. 


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