Helping a friend with postpartum depression: "How can I be a good friend?"

A PSP parent asked their group what they can do to help a friend with postpartum depression. Also known as PPD or postnatal depression, postpartum depression is a condition a parent may suffer from following childbirth. There is no single cause but it often results from a combination of hormonal changes, psychological adjustment to parenthood and fatigue.

Brooklyn Museum - The Invalid - Louis Lang - overall

What to Bring a Friend with Bed Rest

A PSP member writes: “looking for ideas on what to bring to someone on bedrest (in this case at a hospital, but it could be any bedrest). If you were on bedrest, what were good things that folks brought you?”

image: The Invalid by Louis Lang, in the Brooklyn Museum

Resources to talk to a child or teen about cancer

Looking for advice on how to talk with children about a friend or loved one diagnosed with Cancer?  In this article you will find tips, guides, and books on how to handle this complex and emotional topic.

Support Groups for Coping with Cancer

In this section you will find local organizations offering support groups & meetings to help cope with the emotionality of cancer. If you know of any more to add to the list, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


How a child's class can help a student sick with cancer

Tips for how a sick child's classroom can  helping and supporting a child who is in and out of the hospital with cancer