Fantastic farms for family fun

Craving some oinks, moos, and baaaa’s on your next family outing? Read on for PSP members’ advice on the best city-accessible spots to commune with some barnyard buddies.

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One member asks…


“Does anyone know of a farm with live animals that can be seen (not like a full tour- just at least some cows visible in the pasture and perhaps horses or chickens running around?) and a farm stand to purchase produce from within about an hour drive of the city? I've certainly happened upon places like this pre-baby when upstate, but of course now have no memory of where we were.

Our 14 month old is obsessed with her animal books, figurines, and practicing all the noises- I'd love to let her see some (even from afar!) in real life.”



Members suggest…


Muscoot Farm:“Muscoot Farmnear Katonah in Northern Westchester. We have been going there for a few years with our farm-loving kid. It’s laid back and has great animals. Easy pleasant drive about an hour north of Park Slope. They have a farmers market on saturdays. Nice walk/hiking trails too.”


Stamford Nature Center:“This might not be exactly what you're looking for, but the Stamford Nature Center is about an hour and a quarter away, and is a really wonderful place to stroll and look at animals. And apparently they have a farmstand on Sundays!”


“I grew up in central Jersey and there are loads of options down there.  The ones that come to mind are:


Lee Turkey Farm- you’ll mainly get to see Turkeys and barn cats.  There’s a playground across the street.  You can pick your own produce and they have a farm stand.  They love kids and sometimes do tours as well. There is a playground across the street as well.  Drive is maybe hour/ hour 15


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The Popcorn Park Zoo- This is a zoo for abandoned/ abused animals.  They have zoo animals and farm type animals- you can feed some of them and I believe there’s a petting area.  This is more of an hour and a half drive.


Terhune Orchards- This has less animals, more of a traditional farm- I think they may have horses.  They have amazing apples and pies, and make their own wine.  When you drive down if you take local roads you should be able to see cows and horses too.  About 45 min drive.


Howell Living History Farm- They have sheep/ chickens/ cows, tap maple syrup, and will do historic tours.  They do a lot with school tours so you can call and see what they’d do for individuals.  Might not have the farm stand but best for the experience.  Also a bit farther at hour and a half.”


Alstede Farms: “in NJ - it’s about 50 min away.”


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Holmdel Farm: “We just saw some horses and cows and chickens at Holmdel Farm in NJ. Nearby there’s Delicious Orchards, a very renowned local mega-farm stand. Get the cider donuts and strawberry rhubarb pie!”


Donaldson Farms: “Donaldson farms in Hackettstown NJ is the best”


Abram Demaree Homestead: “My friend's family owns a small farm called Abram Demaree Homestead about 45 minutes away from Brooklyn in Closter, NJ, and I've taken my kids when we need a break from the city but don't want to go too far. It's an urban farm, so not huge -- which is nice if you've got small kids who might not walk a lot. They have a bunch of chickens and roosters wandering around, a field to explore, bee hives, a farm store with eggs, honey, ice cream and burgers, and socially distant seating.”


Klein Farms: “It’s near Easton PA, so more like 1.5 hours, but well worth it, my kids love it.

They make their own ice cream which is really the best ice cream I have ever tasted that you can eat at picnic tables, they also make their own yogurt sand cheeses etc.. that you can buy.

They have goats, pigs, chickens and a pony right at the front of the farm next to the picnic table and cows more in the back, and also a little play area.”


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