Coney Island - what the kids say!

Sabrina and Samantha Van Putten had a recent adventure to Coney Island...


Here is what they say about it, in their own words!

From Sabrina:

"Coney Island is a place for kid and adults; a place to have fun. Everyone in Brooklyn knows Coney Island (probably). The history is cool too. For example having a Jewish gangster for a great great grandfather, Kid Twist, who was shot at Coney Island. Coney Island’s big hits are the Wonder Wheel, the parachute drop (not here anymore) and the Cyclones. Coney Island is a great place, so let’s have a big shout out to Coney Island."

From Samantha:

"On Saturday I went to coney Island with my family. I had been many times before but this time stood out. I had one of the unlimited bands from luna park and i went on many rides. I went on the soaring eagle and it was a blast. They now have denos world for littler kids and luna makes it feel like I don't have to be under 10 to go on the rides. I especially liked the tickler and me and my sisiter went on it twice! Then we went on the log flume to cool down. Nothing like a traditional log flume on a hot day. I have such good memories of that. If you are a real thrill seeker you can go to the area with the sling shot and and the soaring eagle. If you aren't you can start with the steeplechase, it isn't quite as scary. I learned they put in a new ride every year so you will always have something new to look forward to every year. If you go in the morning at 11 or 12 then there is almost no one there. Me and my sister had to wait 2 minutes tops to get on a ride. Overall, I had a blast and would totally go again whenever I can!"

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