Sleep Sacks

PSP members share their experiences about the success of their babies sleeping in a sleep sack.



As a PSP member asks the group:

"My 9 month old baby wears a Halo sleep sack for both naps and night sleep. Now that she's pulling up and cruising along the edges of her crib  (instead of sleeping), I'm wondering if the sleep sack will start  becoming a problem. For now, she seems to move around just fine, but  I'm wondering if she'll get her legs all tangled up and fall once she starts walking. Does anyone have experience with this? I would love some advice."


PSP member replies:

One parent said her daughter would kick around at sleeptime and get tangled up in the sleep sack. She ended up switching to those fleece, zipup, footed jammies over a onesie or over another set of pjs. She seemed to like these better than the sack...

Another parent with a 14 month old baby uses the sleep sack and is fine with it. The baby can stand by the bed rail, but the mom doesn't think baby is cruising around the bed because she takes the baby out of the crib pretty quickly after baby wakes up. She mentioned that there is some kind of sleep sack out there for older babies and toddlers where the feet come out the bottom.

Another parent said her 2.5 yr old still uses the sleep sack and has never had any problems with getting tangled up. He even walks around while wearing it and it's funny to watch.

Another parent just keeps her 10 month old baby's legs outside of the sleep sack so that if she stands up, she can move her legs. She zippers the sack down to her belly button and since the sack fits snuggly, there is no danger of it coming off. Most of the other moms she knows in her group use blankets now, but since her baby tosses and turns so much, she will stick with the sack for the rest of winter and maybe graduate to blankets in the fall.


More PSP member experiences:

"Actually, I discovered the other day that my 17-month old can actually WALK in her sleep sack! I almost fell over, it was so funny. So I wouldn't worry about it, unless your baby seems unhappy. Plus, I know in England they often use the much heavier "Gro-Bags" for a long time after the child is mobile--I think in some cases, a bit of movement inhibition might even help kids settle down to sleep."

"My kid is 18 months and still sleeps in a sleep-sack. If anything, it keeps her from climbing out of the crib. When out of the crib, she still manages to walk around in it, just not very fast. It's a little like Maggie Simpson or Swee'pea from Popeye. We've never had a safety problem."

"I love our Grembo sleep sack and its part in the bed and nap routine but my son (8 mo) is starting to get very active as well. On the Grembo FAQ, they say that once an older baby starts to get mobile and pull up, it is only safe to use the sack in the crib with rails up. Even so, I would imagine it would be getting in the way of them pulling up and make them unstable, and thus start to cry...."