How to cool a windowless nursery

Ideas ro solve a classic city problem: cooling a windowless kid's room!



PSP member ideas:

"My kid's nursery (now my daughter's room) was the little hall room, above the entrance vestibule. In the summer, I have an air conditioner going in the large room next to it, and have installed a small room-to-room corner venting fan in the doorway to pull the cool air into the nursery, and a regular oscillating desk fan on top of the bureau to circulate the (hopefully cool) air."

"What about a ceiling fan along with the AC at one end of the apartment? We have a sleeping loft in our apt and use fans in there. It helps so much."

"We have a small air conditioner in our nursery which does not protrude very far into the room -- maybe an inch at most. I believe that we installed some sort of extension on the outside window ledge to support it. Talk to a handyman about how to do this."

"If you're concerned about too much air, you can always turn it off when you're changing the baby, and turn it back on again."

"Could you use a portable a/c but vent to top of window? If not, running a dehumidifier in the room will really help the room feel cooler."

"We have a windowless baby room as well. We use a small fan in the corner of her room turned up to circulate air when she sleeps in the summer heat we keep her door open and turn the air cond. on in the living room adn our bedroom and that cools it off well or we rool her crib into our bedroom at night!"